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Silver Cross Hospital Volunteers Honored for Service

New Lenox, IL (May 6, 2013)—Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet honored its volunteers at the annual recognition luncheon held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook on April 21.  With four volunteer organizations: Advisory Board (Encore Resale Shop), Childerguild (Gift Shop) and The Will County Union of King’s Daughters and Sons (founders of Silver Cross) and Inservice volunteers, more than 700 area residents donate their time and talents to raise funds for the hospital and assist in daily operations.  Over the last year, they have given 64,000 hours of service and raised over $283,000 for the Silver Cross Foundation. For more information, about volunteer opportunities, visit or call (815) 300-7117.

PHOTO CAPTION: l-r: Paul Pawlak, Silver Cross Hospital President/Chief Executive Officer, poses with Lockport resident Joan Geissler at the annual Volunteer Service Award Luncheon at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on April 21. Joan has volunteered 9,000 hours at the hospital as a volunteer for both the Advisory Board and Inservice groups. 






Silver Cross volunteers honored for milestone years of service:

Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Mary Beth Bjekich                  King’s Daughters                                 New Lenox

Jean Klimek                             King’s Daughters                                 Shorewood

Marilynn Plese                        King’s Daughters                                 Crest Hill        

Toni Howen                             King’s Daughters                                 Minooka


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Susan Mollick                          King’s Daughters                                 Merrillvile, IN


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Win LaTour                             King’s Daughters                                 Homer Glen


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Karen Colombo                       King’s Daughters                                 Crest Hill

Karla Farr                                King’s Daughters                                 Joliet   

Karen Holland                         King’s Daughters                                 Naperville

Peggy Parthun                         King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Sharon Bolerjack                     King’s Daughters                                 Lockport


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Kathy Kurkamp                        Childerguild                                        Shorewood

Barbara Shroba                       Childerguild                                        Shorewood


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Betty Peterson                        King’s Daughters                                 Joliet


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Mary Lou Field                        King’s Daughters                                 Shorewood


Name                                      Volunteer Organization                    Hometown


Joan Johnson                           King’s Daughters                                 Joliet


Volunteers honored for milestone hours of service include:


Kay Hegarty                            Advisory Board                                    New Lenox     

Donna Zanzola                        Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Karen Bohne                           Inservice                                              New Lenox

Paige Cantwell                        Inservice                                              Mokena

Dale Cooper                            Inservice                                              Manhattan

Audrey Dorey                          Inservice                                              New Lenox

Walter Hildebrandt                 Inservice                                              Tinely Park

Ernst Jolas                               Inservice                                              Mokena

James Kabat                            Inservice                                              Joliet

Henry Kohut                            Inservice                                              Homer Glen

Jeffrey Kubinski                       Inservice                                              New Lenox

Lillian Mazur                           Inservice                                              New Lenox

Vivian Metchiff                       Inservice                                              Elwood

Janice Pomp                            Inservice                                              New Lenox

Carol Reeb                              Inservice                                              Joliet

Lynn Reed                               Inservice                                              Lockport

Edith Schalk                             Inservice                                              Lemont

Robert Schultz                         Inservice                                              Frankfort

JoAnn Tomczak                       Inservice                                              Orland Park

Dolly Waliczek                        Inservice                                              Lemont


1,000 HOURS

Debbie Glavin                         Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Doris Kosicek                           Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Sharon Manzi                          Advisory Board                                    New Lenox

Betty Neiswender                   Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Joe Castelloni                          Inservice                                              Manhattan

Nan Chignoli                           Inservice                                              Joliet

Danny Geiss                            Inservice                                              Manhattan

Jackie Grider                           Inservice                                              Lockport

Bill Kargle                               Inservice                                              Joliet

Jean Peterson                          Inservice                                              Frankfort


1,500 HOURS

Carol Moholick                       Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Roberta Rand                          Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Mary Johnson                          Inservice                                              Joliet

Lynette Joiner                         Inservice                                              Homer Glen

Jim Pitcairn                             Inservice                                              New Lenox


2,000 HOURS

Marilynn Plese                        Advisory Board                                    Crest Hill

Ruth Brown                             Inservice                                              New Lenox

Brian Hutson                           Inservice                                              Lockport

Judy Wasilkoff                         Inservice                                              Mokena


2,500 HOURS

Elaine Boros                            Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Janet Falk                                Advisory Board                                   Elwood

Betty Cleveland                       Inservice                                            New Lenox

Fred Hibbert                            Inservice                                            Joliet

Sherry Lucci                            Inservice                                              Tinley Park


3,000 HOURS

Nancy Allen                             Advisory Board                                    Joliet


3,500 HOURS

Evelyn Lord                             Inservice                                              Frankfort

Janice Prospero                       Inservice                                              New Lenox


4,000 HOURS

Marge Persico                        Inservice                                              New Lenox

Stuart Switt                             Inservice                                              Mokena


4,500 HOURS

Betty Stoxen                            Advisory Board                                    Lockport

Mary Wereldsma                    Inservice                                              Lockport


5,000 HOURS

Dan Shew                                Inservice                                              Lockport


5,500 HOURS

Arlene Walsh                          Advisory Board                                    New Lenox

Bev Carlson                             Advisory Board/Inservice                    Frankfort

Barbara Baird                         Inservice                                              Lockport

Dan Donnlley                          Inservice                                              New Lenox

MaryMartino                          Inservice                                              New Lenox


6,000 Hours

Irma Brookins                         Inservice                                              Joliet   


8,000 HOURS

Doris Alderson                        Advisory Board/Inservice                    Joliet

June Hendricksen                    Advisory Board/Inservice                    Joliet


9,000 HOURS

Joan Geissler                           Advisory Board/Inservice                    Lockport


  • Silver Cross teams up with Chicagoland Speedway to hold Children’s Book Drive for National Hook-up of Black Women/Silver Cross Reading Rooms

  • Silver Cross Announces Medical Staff Appointments

  • Silver Cross Healthy Community Commission provides scholarship grant to Joliet’s Lebanon Baptist District Association


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