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Mitigating Mammogram Myths

Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health Offers $100 Mammograms in October

Joliet, IL (Sept. 28, 2010)--They hurt. They cause needless worry. They miss cancer. If you believe any of these things about mammography, you're sadly mistaken.

“Mammography may not be perfect, but we do know that yearly screening mammography significantly reduces the risk of dying of breast cancer,” says Dr. Aaron Guajardo, radiologist at the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health.  His job is to find early breast cancer that can be cured.

Unfortunately, many women are avoiding regular mammography screenings.  If you have used one of these excuses in the past year, then you need to visit the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health.  Celebrating its 1-year anniversary in October, the spa-like Center is located on the Silver Cross replacement hospital campus at I-355 and Route 6 in New Lenox.

I don’t need a mammogram unless I feel a lump or have symptoms.
The reality is screening mammograms are for women with NO lumps or other symptoms. The best time to find cancer is before you can feel it.  A mammogram can detect cancer as much as a year or two before you or your doctor could feel it. Breast cancer found in its earliest stages offers the greatest chance of remission and survival. 

My monthly self breast examinations and regular check up with my doctor should be good enough for me. 
Mammography can typically spot lesions one-fifth the size of those that can be felt by hand during self-examination or clinical breast examination by a healthcare professional. For example, an experienced examiner can feel a lump the size of a small pea. Mammography can find a lump the size of a grain of rice—especially with computer assisted detection tools (CAD).  It’s like getting a second opinion for free. Overall, mammography can pick up about 40% of cancers that are too small to detect by touch on clinical examination.  

If my doctor did not recommend a mammogram, I do not need one.
Most studies have found that the reason women most frequently give for not having a mammogram would be whether their primary health care doctor suggested it. If your doctor does not suggest mammography and you over 40 years old and/or have some risk factors, it will be up to you to raise the issue. 

I can’t get an appointment for 6 months. 
Once you have an order from your doctor, you can get you in right away at the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health.  Most patients having a screening mammogram are in and out in less than 30 minutes.

I don’t want to sit in a cold, drafty waiting room with other patients.
And you shouldn’t have to!  At the Center for Women’s Health, you have your own private changing room that is connected to the testing suite.  No one sees you but your caregivers.

It hurts!
At the Center for Women’s Health, our new, state-of-the-art digital mammography machines are designed to detect optimum compression so that you are comfortable.  The compression is only momentary and our seasoned and skilled mammography technicians explain every step of the process to help put use at ease.  In fact, at the Center for Women’s Health patients are pleasantly surprised that it was “less” painful than they expected.

It takes weeks to get my results. 
At Silver Cross, diagnostic test results are available the same day as your appointment and screening results within just 24 hours.  We even have a hotline for you to call to hear your screening mammography results to help alleviate any anxiety.  And before you ever leave the Center, you will have the opportunity to consult with the radiologist or meet with our certified breast health nurse to assist with the next steps in your care.

My insurance deductible is too high or my mammogram is not covered. 
Well then you are in luck.  In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health is offering screening mammograms for $100 when you call in October to make an appointment before the end of the year. Cost includes radiologist fee. Cash, check and credit cards accepted at time of appointment—insurance will not be billed.  Please mention this special offer when you call (815) 740-7076 to schedule your appointment.  A doctor’s order will be required when you come in for your mammogram.  Don’t have a doctor?  Call 888-660-HEAL for a free referral.

Plus, through our Silver Cross’ free I Matter™ program, Center for Women’s Health patients receive valuable discounts from over 150 local businesses just for getting their regular health screenings.  To learn more visit

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