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Silver Cross Employees Honored for Milestone Years of Service

Joliet, IL (May 14, 2011) – During National Hospital Week, Silver Cross Hospital honored employees who reached milestones of 5 to 50 years of service. Over 160 employees with ten or more years were honored at a special dinner at the Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet on May 11. Employees with five years of service received a gift of their choice. The following employees were recognized for 20 or more milestone years of service:

employeeserviceawards0186PHOTO CAPTION- Silver Cross Hospital honored employees with ten or more years of service at a special dinner at the Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet. Pictured in back row from left to right are: 40-year Service Awardees Jacqueline Brooks, Ken Schroeder, Cindy Lanham, and Barbara Lye; Pictured in front row from left to right are: Mary Bakken, Chief Operating Officer of Silver Cross Hospital; 40-year Service Awardees Sharon Randich and Doretta Dragovan,; 50-year Service Awardee Nancy Sebben; 40-year Service Awardees Susan Schmucker, and Marva Thomas; and Paul Pawlak, President and CEO of Silver Cross Hospital.


20 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Therese Bryan                                     Home Health                                       New Lenox

Michael Cordova                                 Information Systems                           Lockport

Kathleen Davenport                            Pharmacy                                            New Lenox

Rosalie Diaz-Martinez                         Laboratory                                           Joliet   

Cherie Doyle                                       Nursing Administration                       Minooka         

Lita Durr                                              Behavioral Health Services                 Crest Hill

Judith Gerstner                                    Laboratory                                           Homer Glen

Jorilynn Gura                                       Emergency Department                                  Joliet   

Michelle Hartseil                                Ambulatory Clinic                                Plainfield

Teresa Hicks                                       Quality Resource Management                      Joliet

Susan Hucul                                        Third Floor Patient Care                      Shorewood

Kathleen Jones                                    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago     Romeoville

at Silver Cross Hospital                                  

Kathleen Meyer                                   Surgery                                                New Lenox     

Maria Moreno                                     Pediatrcs                                             Joliet   

Julie Munoz                                         Diagnostic Imaging                             Joliet

Lori Pollack                                          Sixth Floor Patient Care                      Joliet   

Margaret Rodeghero                           Quality Resource Management          Joliet   

Mary Shanahan                                   ICU & CCU                                           New Lenox

Sandra Strezo                                      Health Information Management       Channahon

Suzanne Trusty                                    Laboratory                                           Joliet

Deborah Vandervliet                           Sixth Floor Patient Care                      Joliet   

Joyce Williams                                    Silver Cross Renal Center West          Channahon

Elizabeth Willis                                   Environmental Services                       Joliet               


25 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Joaquina Alamillo                                Patient Accounts                                 Joliet               

Jill Batusich                                         Silver Cross Renal Center West          Crest Hill

Susan Deering                                     Home Health                                       Joliet   

Christina Hammar                               Nursery                                                New Lenox     

Patsy Harris                                         Silver Cross Diabetes Center              Shorewood     

Beverly Huiner                                    Nursery                                                Manhattan

Loretta Jones                                      Environmental Services                       Joliet   

Lori Jones                                            Pediatrics                                            Shorewood

Janet Minuth                                       Respiratory Care                                 Manhattan

Deborah Moore                                   Diagnostic Imaging                             Wilmington

Griselda Reyes                                    Home Health                                       Joliet   

Steven Sceniak                                    Building Services                                 Manhattan

Carolyn Scott                                       Nutrition Services                                Romeoville

Karen Severson                                   Fourth Floor Patient Care                    Dwight

Susan Shroba                                       Nursery                                                Lockport

Valerie Sims                                         Environmental Services                                   Joliet   

Shelley Surman                                    Center for Women’s Health                Channahon     

Allison Vanderboegh                           Silver Cross Renal Center-Morris        Manhattan

Donna Vieceli                                      Sixth Floor Patient Care                      Joliet

Shelly Wilson                                      Patient Accounts                                 Joliet   

Kathleen Young                                   Nursery                                                Morris 


30 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Charlene Decamp                               Endoscopy                                           Shorewood

Cathy Downey                                     Laboratory                                           Joliet

Loretta Grenchik                                 Third Floor Patient Care                      New Lenox

Patrice Reiter                                      Quality Resource Management          Orland Park

Kay Stanek                                           Same Day Surgery                               Mokena          


35 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Ernestine Boston                                 Laboratory                                           Joliet

Lydia Butler                                         Patient Accounts                                 Lemont

Catherine Cherry                                 Same Day Surgery                               New Lenox     

Denise Demattie                                 Laboratory                                           Joliet   

Jeanette Elwell                                    ICU & CCU                                           Mokena

Louise  Gerencher                               Material Management                        Joliet

Pamela Hischier                                  Patient Accounts                                 New Lenox

Leanne Stukel                                      ICU & CCU                                           Joliet   



40 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Jacqueline Brooks                               Laboratory                                           Plainfield

Doretta Dragovan                               Nutrition Services                                Joliet   

Cynthia Lanham                                  Nursery                                                Lockport         

Barbara Lye                                         ICU & CCU                                           Joliet

Sharon Randich                                   Diagnostic Imaging                             Crest Hill

Susan Schmucker                                Same Day Surgery                               Shorewood

Kenneth Schroeder                              Diagnostic Imaging                             Manhattan

Marva Thomas                                    Fourth Floor Patient Care                    Crest Hill


50 Years of Service                            Department                                       Hometown

Nancy Sebben                                     Endoscopy                                           Joliet


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