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Silver Cross Hospital Volunteers Honored for Service

Joliet, IL (June 1, 2011)—Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet honored its volunteers at the annual recognition luncheon held at the Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet on May 22.  With four volunteer organizations:  Childerguild, Will County Union of King’s Daughters and Sons, Advisory Board and Inservice vounteers, more than 510 area residents donate their time and talents to raise funds for the hospital and assist in daily operations.  For more information about volunteer opportunities, visit or call (815) 740-7117.

volunteerserviceawardsdsc_0093PHOTO CAPTION: l-r: Paul Pawlak, Silver Cross President/Chief Executive Officer, poses with Silver Cross Volunteers and Auxilians at the annual Volunteer Service Award Luncheon including: Jackie Wronski, Alma Lauffer, Joan Johnson, Arlene Walsh, Beverly Carlson, Dan Donnelly and Mary Martino.  Alma has volunteered 13,500 hours at Silver Cross Hospital, and Joan has volunteered 7,500 hours, Beverly, Arlene and Jackie have volunteered 5,000 hours and Dan and Mary have volunteered 4,500 hours.


Silver Cross volunteers honored for milestone years of service:

Name                                                Volunteer Organization                      Hometown


Adele Adams                                       Childerguild                                        Homer Glen

Grisel Garcini                                      Childerguild                                        Mokena

Kathe McDaniel                                  Childerguild                                        Joliet



Dorothy Bell                                        King’s Daughters                                 Lockport

Oma Rajala                                         King’s Daughters                                 Lockport

Barbara Wyne                                     King’s Daughters                                 Indian Head Park

Robin Hartney                                     Childerguild                                        Joliet



Ruth Oyer                                            King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Bev Seme                                            King’s Daughters                                 Crest Hill



Phyllis Caneva                                     Childerguild                                        Lockport

Holly Tomashek                                  Childerguild                                        Joliet

Beverly Allbert                                    King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Judy Buell                                            King’s Daughters                                 New Lenox

Irma Fisher                                          King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Rae Hinton                                          King’s Daughters                                 Joliet



Nicole Long                                         Childerguild                                        New Lenox

Sandy Alaimo                                      King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Charlotte Grohe                                  King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Darlene James                                    King’s Daughters                                 Lockport

Kay Redmond                                      King’s Daughters                                 Joliet



Ellen Moran                                        Childerguild                                        Joliet



Ginny Dow                                           King’s Daughters                                 Romeoville



Anne Sluder                                         King’s Daughters                                 Joliet



Jean Finley                                          King’s Daughters                                 Lockport


Bev Weber                                          Childerguild                                        Joliet

Joan Goolsby                                       King’s Daughters                                 Varna


Dottie Brown                                       Childerguild                                        Joliet

Joyce Scheidt                                       King’s Daughters                                 Joliet

Jean Vonachen                                    King’s Daughters                                 Joliet


Volunteers honored for milestone hours of service include:


Annie Laurie Cardwell                        Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Lisa Gregg                                           Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Nancy Adams                                      Inservice                                              New Lenox

Gail Ball                                              Inservice                                              New Lenox

John Beauregard                                 Inservice                                              Orland Park

Marilyn Boucher                                 Inservice                                              New Lenox

Judy Buell                                            Inservice                                              New Lenox

Mike Buell                                           Inservice                                              New Lenox

Gail Coffel                                           Inservice                                              Channahon

Myrtle Diment                                    Inservice                                              Frankfort

Gary Goetzelman                                Inservice                                              New Lenox

Jackie Grider                                       Inservice                                              Lockport

Brian Hutson                                       Inservice                                              Lockport

Lynette Joiner                                     Inservice                                              Homer Glen

Marilyn Kintz                                       Inservice                                              Lockport

Carroll Koliboski                                  Inservice                                              New Lenox

Carolyn McDonald                              Inservice                                              New Lenox

Jean Peterson                                      Inservice                                              Frankfort

Jim Pitcairn                                         Inservice                                              New Lenox

Aric Talwar                                         Inservice                                              Orland Park

Rosario Vianzon                                  Inservice                                              Lockport

Maxine Wright                                    Inservice                                              Joliet


1,000 HOURS

Carol Moholick                                   Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Doris Ross                                           Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Rose Barre                                          Inservice                                              Frankfort

Ruth Brown                                         Inservice                                              New Lenox

Mary Johnson                                      Inservice                                              Joliet

Judy Russell                                         Inservice                                              Frankfort

Jim Tennant                                        Inservice                                              Joliet

Judy Wasilkoff                                     Inservice                                              Mokena

Kathy White                                        Inservice                                              Mokena


1,500 HOURS

Lynn Echlin                                          Advisory Board                                    Elwood

Peg Geiss                                             Inservice                                              Wilmington

Bill Jackson                                          Inservice                                              New Lenox

Ron Reece                                           Inservice                                              Joliet

Tom Rozanski                                      Inservice                                              Homer Glen


2,000 HOURS

Jan Falk                                               Advisory Board                                    Elwood

Sally Jackson                                       Advisory Board                                    New Lenox

Fred Hibbert                                        Inservice                                              Joliet

Rich Kobylecky                                    Inservice                                              New Lenox

Joe Murphy                                         Inservice                                              Crest Hill

Ken Vrshek                                          Inservice                                              Frankfort

2,500 HOURS

Elaine Boros                                        Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Mary Ingmire                                      Advisory Board                                    Joliet

Evelyn Lord                                         Inservice                                              Frankfort

Marge Persico                                    Inservice                                              New Lenox

Stuart Switt                                         Inservice                                              Mokena


3,000 HOURS

Lola Dileto                                           Inservice                                              New Lenox

Janice Prospero                                   Inservice                                              New Lenox


3,500 HOURS

Dan Shew                                            Inservice                                              Lockport

Mary Wereldsma                                Inservice                                              Lockport


4,000 HOURS

Betty Stoxen                                        Advisory Board                                    Lockport

Malvin Genens                                    Inservice                                              Mokena


4,500 HOURS

Barbara Baird                                     Inservice                                              Lockport

Dan Donnelly                                      Inservice                                              New Lenox

Mary Martino                                     Inservice                                              New Lenox

Maxine Smith                                      Inservice                                              Lockport


5,000 HOURS

Beverly Carlson                                   Advisory Board/Inservice                    Frankfort

Arlene Walsh                                      Advisory Board                                    New Lenox

Jackie Wronski                                    Inservice                                              Homer Glen

7,500 HOURS

June Hendricksen                                Advisory Board/Inservice                    Joliet

Joan Johnson                                       Inservice                                              Joliet


13,500 HOURS

Alma Lauffer                                      Inservice                                              New Lenox



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