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Imaging Services

Bringing Care Even Closer to Our Patients  

With customer service scores already in the top 15% in the country for the likelihood of our patients to recommend Silver Cross to their family or friends, you may be wondering what we can still do to improve Imaging Services in the new hospital. 

It’s simple.  We are upgrading much of our equipment and placing this new technology in key locations to make the patient-family experience even better.

black box“When we open on February 26, 2012 , imaging services will be strategically placed making it more convenient for inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients to get tested,” says Marci Vasiliades, Manager of Imaging and the Center for Women’s Health.

The majority of outpatients will be cared for in Pavilions A and B.  These two buildings will share a spacious lobby that will have a coffee kiosk, Walgreens pharmacy, and service ambassador. There will also be valet parking and shuttle service.  The Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health is already open and located on the first floor of Pavilion B.  Set in a spa-like setting, we currently offer a variety of services including full-field digital mammography, breast ultrasound and bone densitometry.

On the first-floor of Pavilion A, there will be new digital X-ray equipment—similar to the equipment we already have in the emergency department.  We will also be providing outpatient cardiac services such as Echo, Stress, Stress Echo, Nuclear Stress Echo and EKG procedures as well as outpatient Lab testing. The OB Clinic for high-risk pregnancies, which is currently located on the 4th floor of the Specialty Care Pavilion, will also relocate to this new outpatient testing area making it much more convenient for our expectant mothers. 

“We had the luxury of learning from our experiences in the Smith Outpatient Pavilion and most recently the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health,” said Marci.  “We really like our ‘pod’ layout in which the staff work area is in the middle of the unit surrounded by the patient testing rooms, so we are replicating it in our new environment.”

At the main hospital, Imaging Services is located adjacent to the Emergency Department

“Since all of Imaging supports the Emergency Department around the clock, we felt it was important to locate this equipment nearby,” said Ken Schroeder, Imaging Manager & PACS Administrator. 

In the main hospital Imaging Department, there will be 2 CT scanners, 4 digital X-ray units, 2 digital R & F units, 3 Nuclear Medicine cameras, 2 MRI scanners—one being wide bore to allow for added comfort, and several ultrasound units.

“We will also be placing a CT scanner on the second floor near the Procedural Care Unit and ICU,” said Ken.  “With this location, it will be more convenient for the high-risk patients and adjacent to the pre/post recovery area for patients needing interventional CT scan procedures.”

Also, located on the second floor will be the Neurology Department providing EEG and EMG procedures. 

imagingservicebldgAssociated Radiologists will continue to provide 24/7 interpretation services for Imaging procedures and will be located in the hospital’s Imaging Department. There is also a radiologist at the Center for Women’s Health to perform diagnostic procedures and provide on-site interpretations.

Outpatients who are coming for multiple testing that include a CT, MRI, non-cardiac Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound or Neurology testing will be seen in the main hospital.   There will be valet parking and self-registration kiosks just like we have today. Patients and family members alike can also take advantage of the many amenities nearby including  the Coffee Shop, Chapel, Library or Childerguild Gift Shop. For patients waiting for a ride, they can do so in the Discharge Lounge in the new Main Lobby.

“To enhance patient-family centered care, we will be bringing even more testing to the bedside when appropriate,” says Marci. 

More information about the Replacement Hospital is available on the Intranet and


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