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Revolutionary Vein-Viewing Technology Comes to Silver Cross Hospital

Joliet, IL (Nov. 10, 2011) — Silver Cross Hospital is the first hospital in Will County to use the latest technology in vascular imaging, VeinViewer® Vision. The patented VeinViewer is a revolutionary technology that projects the location of a patient’s subcutaneous vasculature directly on the surface of the skin, providing a vascular road map in real time.

“VeinViewer is truly having an impact on patient care,” said Peggy Gricus, chief nursing officer and vice president of patient care services for Silver Cross Hospital. “With VeinViewer, we have the potential to not only reduce the number of times it takes to start an IV,  but also the levels of stress and discomfort associated with multiple attempts for our patients, the patient’s family and our staff.  This device doesn’t just help us find a vein; it helps us find the option that is best for that patient which can affect their well-being. It’s a win-win for everybody. Patients are pleased because it’s easier for the nurse, and nurses are pleased because it causes less discomfort for their patients and they can initiate IV therapy sooner.

Photo: Real-time digital image of underlying vasculature as seen on the surface of the skin with VeinViewer® Vision.

VeinViewer provides medical professionals with a non-invasive adjunct technology for clinical treatments and procedures including, but not limited to, IV insertion, routine venipuncture (blood sampling) and PICC line insertion. Although performed frequently, venipuncture is commonly thought of as one of the most painful and anxiety-provoking invasive procedures performed by nurses. Experts estimate that more than 1 billion venipunctures are performed annually.

“VeinViewer makes our patients’ vasculature visible to the naked eye,” said Chris Duchene RN, BSN, clinical educator for Silver Cross Hospital. “This technology has helped us increase the efficiency of our system and success rate of our needlesticks. Anything we do to improve our efficiency and patient outcomes impacts our bottom line and allows us to reallocate our resources to further enhance patient care.”

Developed by Christie Medical Innovations, VeinViewer is the first and only patented technology to locate subcutaneous vasculature and project real-time images directly onto the surface of the skin. Vision is the third generation of VeinViewer and utilizes near-infrared light, a digital video camera and an image processing unit to build an image of the patient’s vasculature. The device then projects that image, in real time, onto the patient’s skin using visible light. Health care professionals can keep their hands free during procedures while the system accurately maps the patient’s vasculature regardless of age, body type or skin tone.

“This technology is changing the standard of compassionate care. We truly believe it will become a new standard of care throughout the world,” said Chris Schnee, general manager for Christie Medical Innovations. “And we’re thrilled that Silver Cross Hospital is joining the ranks of multiple premier health care facilities nationwide that have adopted the VeinViewer technology.”

Silver Cross Hospital currently has 3 VeinViewers for use primarily in the medical-surgical and pediatric units.  Due to the success of the VeinViewer, additional devices are being secured to implement to use system wide.  In 2004, VeinViewer was recognized by Time Magazine as "one of the most amazing medical inventions" of the year.


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