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Seeking Relief from Abdominal Pain? Join us.

Dr. Kamran Ayub will host a free education program on abdominal pain on May 15 

New Lenox, IL (May 1, 2012)— Nearly everyone experiences abdominal pain at some point in their life. The pain is usually short-lived and causes minimal discomfort. But when the pain is localized to the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, this is an indicator of serious illness and should not be ignored. Many organs, including the liver, gallbladder and intestines crowd into this area of the abdomen and disease in nearby organs such as the stomach and pancreas can also cause pain .Causes of right upper quadrant abdominal pain may be due to something as simple as increased stomach acid or involve infection or organ damage.

 ayub“The body’s digestion system is very complex, it takes many functions to process the food we eat into the energy we need. One of the most common causes of right upper quadrant abdominal pain is the dysfunction of the  Sphincter of Oddi muscle. This muscle controls vital chemicals and fluids needed from the liver and pancreas into the small intestine,” shares Dr. Kamran Ayub, gastroenterologist on staff at Silver Cross Hospital.

A sphincter is a muscle valve that controls the flow of digestive juices (which includes bile and pancreatic fluid) through ducts from the liver and pancreas into the small intestine. When it’s working properly, the Sphincter of Oddi opens to allow bile and pancreatic juice to flow through and then closes again. However, in a condition called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, the sphincter muscle does not open when it should. This prevents the bile and pancreatic juice from flowing through and causes a backup of digestive juices which can cause bouts of severe pain in the abdomen.

Another commonly missed cause of upper abdominal pain is pancreatic disease. Early chronic pancreatitis, a condition in which the pancreas becomes chronically inflamed, is often missed by routine testing. Endoscopic ultrasound, a technology available at Silver Cross Hospital, is the best way to diagnose pancreatic disease in its early stages.

Find Relief

Join Dr. Kamran Ayub on Tuesday, May 15 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Silver Cross Hospital, Pavilion A, Conference Center 1, 1890 Silver Cross Blvd., New Lenox for a free program, Commonly Missed Causes and Management of Upper Abdominal Pain. He will discuss the common symptoms, causes and latest treatment options available to help find pain relief. Register to attend this program online or call 1-888-660-HEAL (4325).

About Dr. Kamran Ayub

Dr. Kamran Ayub completed his residency at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Maryland and was award Chief Resident. He then went on to complete a fellowship in both Gastroenterology and Therapeutic Endoscopy from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ayub, please contact his office at Southwest Gastroenterology, located at the new Silver Cross Hospital Pavilion A, 1890 Silver Cross Blvd., New Lenox, at 815.723.9278.

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