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Sore Shoulders have you Immobile? Learn How to Alleviate Pain

Orthopedic Surgeon on Staff at Silver Cross Hosts free program on June 3

New Lenox, IL (May 19, 2014)— Is the pain in your shoulder so intense that simply putting on a shirt is so excruciating? Many people don’t know the cause of their pain, and are unsure what do, so instead they continue to live in constant agony. To find relief, Silver Cross Hospital is offering a free program in June. 

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Observe Memorial Day Safely

New Lenox, IL (May 16, 2014)— The start of summer – Memorial Day Weekend – is upon us! After enduring such a harsh winter with record snowfalls and frigid temperatures, it is finally time to enjoy the warm weather as we honor the United States service men and women in the armed forces.  But do so safely, since the highest amount of injuries occur in the five-day period surrounding Labor Day, followed by Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween. 

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Silver Cross uses Optical Biopsies to See Cancer/Help Patients Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

Only 2nd hospital in Illinois to use new mini-microscope to diagnose/treat digestive diseases 

New Lenox, IL (May 15, 2014)—Using an advanced microscope, physicians at Silver Cross Hospital are now performing optical biopsies during endoscopic procedures to diagnose cancerous tissue in real time.  Silver Cross is only the second hospital (first non-teaching hospital) in Illinois to perform confocal endomicroscopy using new technology known as Cellvizio.   The result is a faster, more precise diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer and other diseases. 

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Stop Limping and Start Living!

Silver Cross Hospital Hosts free program on relief from knee pain on June 4

New Lenox, IL (May 14, 2014)—Are you tired of walking with a limp due to severe knee pain? If so, you are not alone because more than one-third of Americans report being affected by knee pain. Sometimes knee pain may be the result of an injury, too much weight on the knee joint, or arthritis. 

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Nurse Loses 112 Pounds after Weight Loss Surgery

BMI Surgery at Silver Cross makes Minooka woman happiest ever in her life

New Lenox, IL (May 14, 2014) — After weighing over 274 pounds for years, Natalie Thompson, a registered nurse, suffered from severe joint pain. Her pain became so unbearable she even went to a rheumatologist to see if she had an autoimmune disease. “My weight problem hit me right in the face during my appointment with the rheumatologist,” said 35-year-old Natalie Thompson. “I thought she was going to discover that I had some form of arthritis. Instead, the solution was less complicated. She told me that my weight was causing my joint pain and I needed to lose a lot of weight.” And now Thompson’s joint pain is gone after losing 112 pounds in 14 months as a result of her weight loss surgery at Silver Cross Hospital. 

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