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Dan Brown

For many years Dan Brown of Joliet has been passionate about bass fishing. Unfortunately due to weighing over 400 pounds, he was unable to participate in many fishing tournaments for years, since he couldn’t endure the extreme heat. However after losing 202 pounds in 11 months as a result of his weight loss surgery, he is now able to fish in the warm weather because the extreme temperatures no longer bother him.

before and after2012In addition to fishing, Dan is able to vacation more and do simple tasks that he was unable to do prior to his surgery. My family and I went to Walt Disney World, and I was able to go on all the rides. I felt like a kid again,” said Dan. “But most of all, I am so happy to easily accomplish simple tasks like getting into and out of my car.”

Prior to his weight loss surgery, Dan’s health was very poor. He took around 8 pills a day. He had diabetes which required him to take 5 to 7 insulin shots daily. He suffered from sleep apnea, where he had to use a CPAP machine every night. In addition, he had acid reflux and pain in his feet and legs. But now his health has improved immensely since his surgery. He no longer takes any medications or suffers from diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux or foot and leg pain.

Following the advice from his primary care physician, Dan contacted BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital and attended a free information session.  “Meeting Dr. Christopher Joyce and his staff at BMI Surgery was a wonderful experience; they were all so knowledgeable and supportive,” shares Dan. “Once I realized how my poor food choices and lack of exercise hampered my health, I was able to sincerely commit to the program. Their program is phenomenal!” With their support, Dan committed to the workout and diet plan and underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery on January 17, 2011.

“Before I had my surgery, Dr. Joyce explained that the surgery was merely a tool to lose weight and the real success depended on me taking personal responsibility of my own health,” stated Dan. “I listened to all of the great advice Dr. Joyce and his staff gave me and never deviated from the program. I was so committed to being successful because I was unsure how long I would survive due to all of my medical issues. And I didn’t want to be a burden to my wife, Kim and sons, Chris and Joe.”

Dan’s motivation was fueled by the support he received not only from Dr. Joyce and his staff, but also from other patients he met at the monthly support group meetings. In addition, his wife made his meals for him that aided him to stay on track. “When I would come home from working out, all I would have to do is open the refrigerator and grab a meal that my wife already prepared for me. I am so grateful to her and my sons for all the love and support they gave me throughout this entire process,” said Dan.

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