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Marcia Dick

Marcia Dick of Lockport had learned to get used to her overweight body for over 60 years, but that didn’t mean she could forget about it.  Fad diets and fitness plans often left her depressed and feeling weak, causing her to give up quickly. The weight continued to pile on and her depression worsened. “I was so ashamed to be seen in public, I just retreated inside,” says Macia. As her motivation weaned, she was eventually diagnosed with sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes causing her to take 4 insulin shots and 8 pills a day.

Marcia had accepted this lifestyle, until she began to notice how difficult it was to spend time with her ten grandchildren. She loved spending time with them, always planning themed parties and sleepovers, but as they grew older she realized she didn’t have the energy to keep up with them. Too ashamed to take them anywhere, she knew that something needed to change.


Following the advice from her primary physician, Marcia contacted BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital and attended a free information session. “Meeting the doctors and their staff was a great experience; they were all so knowledgeable and supportive. I instantly felt like they were a part of my family,” shares Marcia. With this support, Marcia committed to the workout and diet plan and underwent Realize Band surgery on December 13, 2012.

“Before I had my surgery, I asked Dr. Joyce if I could really lose weight with the surgery and he said ‘If you listen to me you will lose weight,’ and right then I committed myself to following his instructions. I haven't "cheated" or deviated in anyway because to do so I would be cheating myself, and I am so proud of the results.”

Within the first two weeks after her surgery, Marcia stopped needing her daily insulin injections. Within a month, she no longer had sleep apnea. Within 2 months, she was down to just one pill per day for her blood pressure. “I have so much energy now, I feel so good,” Marcia exclaims, “I used to be so afraid of doctors, but Dr. Joyce has transformed my entire outlook on everything. I am so grateful to him and the BMI staff.”

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