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Brad Schumacher

For many years Brad Schumacher of Varna, IL has been successfully selling seed corn to farmers throughout north central Illinois. Although due to weighing 446 pounds, he was always self conscience about meeting people for the first time. However after losing 206 pounds in 18 months as a result of his weight loss surgery, Brad is more self-assured than ever before in his life.  

“I have always been an outgoing person during my career as a salesman. But as a result of my weight loss surgery, I have more self confidence now from how I look on the outside to how much healthier I feel in the inside,” said the 45-year old. “I proudly interact with my clients and I am able to move many bags of seed with ease!” 


One of Brad’s challenges after his weight loss surgery was to adjust his eating habits during work. “Oftentimes I meet clients for lunch or dinner, so I had to learn to eat healthier and consume smaller portions of food. But I was determined to reach my goals, and that determination helped me stay on track,” said Brad. 

As a result, Brad is able to play sports and do routine tasks that he was unable to do prior to his surgery. “Besides walking easier after my weight loss surgery, I can now play sports like volleyball and golf for longer amounts of time,” he said. “But most of all, I am so happy to easily accomplish simple tasks like traveling on an airplane without having to ask for an extended seat belt. I always felt so self conscience that I was invading the space of the passenger next to me on a plane.” 

Prior to his weight loss surgery, Brad’s health was very fragile. He took around eight medications a day and suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes, which required him to take 60 units of insulin a day. In addition, Brad had severe aches in his feet and legs. But now his health has improved immensely since his surgery. He no longer takes any medications or suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure or foot and leg pain. 

Brad’s friend who had weight loss surgery was the one who introduced him to BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital and encouraged him to attend a free informational session.  “I was very impressed with the program after talking with Dr. Christopher Joyce and his staff at BMI Surgery because they were all so knowledgeable and supportive,” shares Brad. “They all made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I could actually have successful long-term weight loss as long as I was willing to follow the program.” With their support, Brad committed to the workout and diet plan and underwent REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band weight loss surgery on July 18, 2011. 

“Before I had my surgery, Dr. Joyce explained that the surgery was merely a tool to lose weight and the real success depended on me taking personal responsibility of my own health,” stated Brad. “Through the entire process, Dr. Joyce and his staff were always there for me right away to answer any of my questions. Also the nurses at Silver Cross Hospital were so accommodating to my family during my surgery and hospital stay. They made my sister feel so welcomed and constantly informed her of my plan of care.” \

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