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Ischemic and Hemorrhagic STROKE Treatments

Extending the Treatment Window

The BiPlane Angiography System in the Silver Cross Neuro Endovascular Lab allows specialists the treatment window to stop a stroke and even reverse its effect. 

The team of physicians at the Silver Cross Neuroscience Institute use FDA-approved interventions that could significantly improve the treatment window.

0-4 Hours from Symptom Onset
Intravenous and Intra-arterial t-PA
Administration of the thrombolytic agent t-PA intravenously to treat people with acute ischemic stroke.

0-6 Hours from Symptom Onset
Intra-arterial t-PA
In the neuro-endovascular suite, t-PA is administered through a catheter injected into the artery instead of the vein up to six hours from the symptom onset.

0-8 Hours from Symptom Onset
Mechanical clot remover with Merci® retriever device
The Merci Retriever System uses a microcatheter to engage, ensnare and remove clots in patients indicated for thrombus removal in an ischemic stroke. A  Merci Balloon Catheter is inflated to arrest forward flow while the clot is withdrawn. The balloon is then deflated and blood flow is restored.

0-14 Hours for Symptom Onset
NeuroFlo™ treatment for vasospasm
The NeuroFlo catheter is approved to treat cerebral ischemia from vasospasm after repair of a brain aneurysm. The NeuroFlo is used in patients that do not respond to or are not indicated for other treatments like angioplasty or intra-arterial delivery of vasodilating drugs.


Advanced Treatments for HEMORRHAGIC STROKES

The Silver Cross Neuroscience Institute offers minimally invasive procedures for treating aneurysms and hemorrhagic strokes. Our advanced diagnostic capabilities, including 3D angiograms, allow neuro interventional radiologists to locate asymptomatic, unruptured aneurysms and accurately determine the best approach including: 

• Platinum coiling for narrow-neck aneurysms 

• Stenting for large-neck aneurysms 

• ONYXR injection for wide-neck, large aneurysms 

• Permanent balloon acclusion for giant aneurysms 

• Glue embolizaton for arterial venous malformation (AVM)

• ONYX injection for AVM 

• PVA particles for tumor embolization 

The ONYXR Liquid Embolic System (Onyx HD-500) is indicated for treatment of intracranial, saccular, sidewall aneurysms that present with a wide neck (≥ 4mm) or with a dome-to-neck ratio <2 that are not amenable to treatment with surgical clipping. Onyx is a liquid material that works in a very similar way as coils to block blood flow in aneurysms.


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