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Interventional Radiology


The following procedures are offered at Silver Cross Hospital by the interventional radiologists with Associated Radiologists of Joliet, S.C.

Interventional Oncology

  • Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE)
  • Transarterial bland embolization
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Cryoablation
  • Selective internal radiation therapy (90Y radioembolization – SIRsphere and THERAsphere) – to be offered in the near future
  • Intraperitoneal ports
  • Image guided biopsy
  • Portal vein emblization

Venous Access Catheters

  • Ports & Central line placement
  • Tunneled dialysis catheters
  • Temporary dialysis catheters
  • Tunneled pheresis catheters
  • Temporary pheresis catheters
  • Hohn Catheters


Maintenance of Surgically Created Hemodialysis Access

  • Fistulagram, angioplasty, venous stenting
  • Fistula and graft declots


Venous Intervention/Varicose Veins

  •  Inferior vena cava filter placement (retrievable and permanent varieties)
  •  IVC filter removal
  •  Venous thrombolysis and thrombectomy
  • Venous angioplasty and stenting, including superior vena cava
  • Endovenous laser vein ablation (ELVS) of greater and lesser saphenous veins for  treatment of venous insufficiency and symptomatic varicose veins.


Urologic Interventional Radiology

  • Percutaneous nephrostomy
  • Percutaneous nephroureteral catheters
  • Percutaneous ureteral stent placement and exchange
  • Ureteral stricture treatment
  • Ureteral embolization

OB-GYN Interventional Radiology

  • Uterine artery embolization
  • for symptomatic fibroids
  • for post-partum hemorrhage
    • Varicocele embolization
    • Pelvic congestion syndrome gonadal vein embolization
    • Fallopian tube recanalization
    • Pre-operative arterial balloon occlusion for placenta increta/percreta


    GI Interventional Radiology

    • Percutaneous gastrostomy
    • Percutaneous gastrojejunostomy
    • Mesenteric angiograms and GI bleed embolizations
    • Transjugular liver biopsies (with or without pressure measurements)
    • Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts (TIPS)
    • Esophageal and Gastric Variceal embolization
    • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography and biliary drainage
    • Biliary stenting and plasty
    • Tunneled peritoneal drainage/dialysis catheters
    • Ethanol ablation of hepatic cysts


    Chest Interventions

    • Pleurx catheters
    • Percutaneous lung biopsies
    • Bronchial artery embolization


    Muscular Interventions

    • Balloon kyphoplasty
    • Bone biopsy

    Urgent/Emergent Intervention

    • Trauma angiograms and embolizations
    • Mesenteric angiogram and embolization for GI bleeding
    • Angiography and embolization for post-partum hemorrhage
    • Muscular Interventions
    • Balloon kyphoplasty
    • TIPS for variceal bleeding
    • Thrombin injection for pseudoaneurysm
    • Embolization of visceral organ bleed (e.g., kidney, liver, spleen, etc.)
    • Coiling of visceral arterial aneurysms
    • Percutaneous nephrostomy for patients who are obstructed and who require urgent decompression, either due to sepsis or due to acute decline in renal function


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