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“I use to live to eat, but now after my weight loss surgery, I eat to live,” said 63-year old Frankfort resident Jim McCauley. “For years, I would eat about 6 eggs, a half-pound of bacon and half of a loaf of bread for breakfast. Now I only eat one egg and one piece of toast. This surgery requires you to alter your lifestyle. Every time I look in the mirror, I see how healthier I am.”

Prior to his gastric bypass (bariatric) weight loss surgery in December 2008, Jim had high cholesterol, painful joints, and suffered from sleep apnea. “Now I’m not taking any of those medications and feel so much better. I can finally sleep all through the night without using my sleep apnea machine,” said Jim, who lost 150 pounds in less than a year.

He also has a new zest for life. “ I’m more mobile, I can walk for longer periods of time,” said Jim. “My wife and I recently returned from a 17-day cruise to Europe. Before surgery, I never would have been able to handle all the walking through Rome, Naples, Sicily, Monaco and Croatia. I felt so fortunate to have the stamina to experience these amazing places that before the surgery I had only read about it in magazines.”

After extensive research, Jim decided to attend a free informational seminar. “After Dr. Lahmann explained the program steps and all the help offered, I was so relieved.”

Jim’s surgeon was Dr. Brian Lahmann with BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital. A few weeks after surgery, Jim began attending the hospital’s bariatric support group. “Looking around the room I felt comforted that there were others who had the same weight issues as me – some were smaller and some were bigger than me, but we all needed to lose a lot of weight to live a healthier life,” said Jim.

Jim is now a regular participant at the hospital’s bariatric support group meetings. Every month, 50-75 patients get together to hear from a variety of experts on behavior modification, lifestyle and relationship issues and proper exercise. There is even opportunities to exchange recipes and swap clothes with others who are at different points in their weight loss journey. The support group is not the only reason that Jim chose Silver Cross for surgery. The comprehensive program also includes pre-and post-operative educational seminars with the surgeons and other bariatric specialists.


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