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After many years of unhealthy habits, Norma suffered from joint pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “I was taking many medications and felt so lethargic,” said Crest Hill resident Norma Phillips. Fortunately, Norma’s health has greatly improved since she lost nearly 80 pounds after her REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band weight loss surgery at Silver Cross Hospital in October of 2008.

“Since my surgery I have regained my life back and I am full of energy,” said the 66 year-old. “Plus my husband is so pleased with my improved health and greater energy level.”

In addition to her increased zest for life, Norma's post-surgery illnesses have been eliminated. “All of my previous chronic health conditions have gone away since my surgery and I only take a water pill and my BMI vitamins each day,” she said. “It is so freeing not to have to take so many medications anymore.”

After researching bariatric weight loss surgery programs, Norma attended her first educational seminar where weight loss surgery doctors explained how difficult it was for her body to lose weight. Her metabolism was so out of sync due to a lifetime of yoyo dieting.  

Her surgeon was Dr. Brian Lahmann with Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery (BMI Surgery) at Silver Cross Hospital. 

"I couldn't have found a better program," says Norma. “The BMI Surgery and Silver Cross Hospital staffs were wonderful! I felt Dr. Lahmann and the hospital’s staff were extremely focused on my post-surgical care as they described everything at each step of the process.  They were truly a key in my recovery.”

Norma says "In order to be successful after the surgery you must understand that it is a process to lose the weight. But Dr. Lahmann and his staff prepare you for each step making it easier for you to succeed at reaching your goal weight."


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