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After a Lifetime of Drinking & Drug Abuse Joliet Man Finds Hope at Silver Cross Hospital

New Lenox, IL (September 17, 2013) —“Unfortunately throughout my life, I made choices that allowed alcohol and drugs to be readily available to me. As a result of many years of abusing these substances, my wife and I divorced and I neglected my three children. I finally realized that my drinking became unmanageable, and I was powerless over alcohol. It was at this point, I went to the Emergency Department at Silver Cross Hospital and said that I needed to detox. So with the recommendation from addiction medicine physicians Dr. Gawtham Gutta, and Dr. Abhinav Singla, I was able to turn my life around thanks to Silver Cross Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient program,” said Joliet resident Steve—who wants to remain anonymous. “The program gave me hope and taught me to build structure in my life without drinking and drugging.  As a result, I went through a “rebirth” experience because I learned that a good life does exist being sober.” 

According to Steve, he had a good idea to get sober, but had a lousy plan to reach the goal.  So for a couple months 4-days a week, he sought treatment at the Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient program at Silver Cross Hospital. The Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient treatment is one of three programs offered through Silver Cross Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services along with the Inpatient Program and the Outpatient Program. 

“When you’re abusing alcohol and drugs, you are a tornado in your loved ones lives – you come in with a blast and leave a lot of damage behind,” said Steve. “Becoming sober has salvaged my relationship with my loved ones. Although, a lot of work still remains for me to undo the lifetime of pain that I put our children through especially our two oldest kids.” 

Steve, who has been sober for 6 years, was comforted to find other people experiencing the same thing as him. “Through my time at Silver Cross, I met others with the same thoughts as me that were outside the mainstream of life,” said Steve. “I learned oftentimes alcoholics are not comfortable with people all the time and suffer from depression. It was reassuring to meet others who felt like I did.” 

However, it was when Steve learned a valuable lesson that his perspective towards drugs and alcohol dramatically shifted. “Through the program, I learned that alcohol and drugs weren’t the top of my list of problems. Instead alcohol and drugs were my way of coping with my problems and I suffered from depression,” stated Steve.  Once I accepted that my depression was my main problem, I was able to grow and live a healthier life.” 

The program gave Steve options to help support his sobriety. “The compassionate staff at Silver Cross who facilitates the program are the unsung heroes of my success. They are responsible for a big part of why I’m a better person now. They created a positive environment for me to work on what I needed to do,” said Steve. “I am forever grateful to Pam Davis and Cathy Guzik for teaching me to be open-minded and confront my past, so I could move forward and heal.” 

The Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient program is designed to help patients begin the recovery process through education, counseling and support. The program provides intensive, structured chemical dependency treatment services for adults in all stages of addiction to over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, alcohol and illicit drugs. An interdisciplinary treatment team consisting of Certified Addictions Counselors, Registered Nurses, Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers provide services under the direction of a physician. The Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient program is structured in a way that enables individuals to meet family, work, and other responsibilities of daily living while receiving services. 

“Through our Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program our patient’s find it most beneficial that a safe environment is created. In this supportive environment, patients are able to build trust and feel comfortable addressing their issues,” said Pam Davis, Clinical Coordinator for Outpatient Chemical Dependency Services at Silver Cross Hospital. 

Advice to Others

“My advice to others, who are abusing alcohol and drugs, is to seek treatment as soon as possible with a quality program like the program at Silver Cross,” said Steve. “And when you are getting help, have the courage to be open-minded to face your demons and flaws because tremendous support and a wonderful life awaits you.” 

With his sobriety, Steve volunteers as a speaker for Silver Cross’ Chemical Dependency program, he attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and is the Chairman of the district’s phone team for the Alcoholics Anonymous phone service, which answers calls for those who think they may have a problem and are seeking help. 

Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program Admission Criteria:

• Patient has problems in significant life areas due to alcohol or other drug use

• 18 years or older and out of high school

• Patient is motivated for sobriety

• Patient is medically and psychiatrically stable 

Program Features -Evaluation and Treatment Planning:

• Individual and Group Sessions

• Client and Family Education

• Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

• Random Drug Screening and Breathalyzers

• Continuing Care Groups

• Day Sessions (1-4 p.m.)

• Evening Sessions (5:30-8:30 p.m.) 

If you or a family member may benefit from the treatment at Silver Cross Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program, or if you have questions, call (815) 300-7214. 

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