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Cutting-Edge Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Performed at Silver Cross Hospital 

Rob Jamison had no prostate cancer symptoms, but during his yearly screening, results from his blood sample indicated otherwise showing high levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA). After further investigation, a biopsy consisting of 14 samples showed one positive sample for prostate cancer. In order to remove the cancer, Jamison learned the gold standard and least invasive option was to have a robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.  Unfortunately, Jamison felt that no physicians near his hometown of Champaign, IL had enough experience performing such a surgery.  After searching the internet with his wife, Angie, the pair stumbled upon a Facebook support group page that praised the skill of Dr. Thai Nguyen, medical director of the Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital. More robotic-assisted surgeries are performed at Silver Cross than any other hospital or surgery center in the Chicago metropolitan area. 

Photo Caption: Pictured is Champaign resident Rob Jamison who was back to work just 30 days after undergoing a robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy with Dr. Thai Nguyen, medical director of the Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital, who removed Jamison’s prostate cancer. The Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital performs more procedures than any other hospital or surgery center in the entire Chicago area. 

“After reviewing all the positive reviews on Facebook, my wife and I were glad to learn that Dr. Nguyen was in our insurance network. We immediately called to make an appointment with him,” said the 59 year-old Jamison. “Dr. Nguyen spent almost two hours with us at our first consultation patiently answering all of our many questions and explaining the surgery in detail. We were confident Dr. Nguyen was the right surgeon to do my surgery with his caring personality and vast experience in performing this type of operation.”  

“Based on Rob’s relatively good health and his early stage cancer, we decided that a robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy was his best choice for his treatment,” said Dr. Nguyen. 

So Jamison had surgery on November 30, 2016 at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, IL.  

Using one of Silver Cross’ three da Vinci® surgical robots, Dr. Nguyen sat at a computer console inside the operating room manipulating the wristed robotic instruments used to make five keyhole size incisions in Jamison’s pelvic area.  He then inserted a telescopic lens into one of the incisions, providing a three dimensional and magnified view of the anatomy surrounding the prostate gland that is so critical to achieving excellent outcomes.  

During this minimally invasive surgical procedure, called robotic prostatectomy, finely controlled robotic instruments are used to remove the cancerous prostate safely, while preserving the microscopic nerves and blood vessels that control sexual function and the muscles that provide urinary control. Sitting at the da Vinci surgical console, Dr. Nguyen is in complete and direct control of the high-resolution cameras and micro-surgical instruments. Powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology, his hand movements are scaled, filtered, and seamlessly translated into precise movement of the EndoWrist Instruments.  

Unlike laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci Surgical System instruments used in robotic prostatectomy can turn in all directions with 90 degrees of articulation and 7 degrees of freedom. During robotic prostate surgery the da Vinci robot provides the surgeon with improved visualization, dexterity, and precision compared with open or laparoscopic surgery, while enabling the complex operation to be performed through 1 cm incisions. The smaller incisions contribute to much quicker patient recovery and significantly less pain. The increased instrument precision allows better preservation of the delicate anatomy that control bladder and sexual function. Robotic prostatectomy achieves the same or better prostate cancer treatment results than a surgeon’s own hands in open or laparoscopic surgery while minimizing blood loss, pain, scarring, and other side-effects, such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction. 

“I had a top-notch experience with Dr. Nguyen and the entire staff at Silver Cross Hospital,” said Jamison.  “They calmed my nerves and cared for me wonderfully. In addition, my recovery was relatively pain-free. I’ve also had a PSA test following my prostatectomy and I’m still cancer free.” 

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