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When you’re in your mid 50’s – the prime of life and career – you don’t typically dwell on heart disease.

Bill Bowers of New Lenox didn’t…even though he had a pre-disposition in his family history, a sedentary, stressful job, and had been feeling some typical cardiac symptoms for a day or two!

Thankfully, Bowers’ wife insisted on taking him to Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, where emergency doctors quickly determined he was having a heart attack. An angiogram revealed a fully blocked left anterior descending artery (LAD), often called the “widow maker,” so board-certified interventional cardiologist Abdul Sankari, M.D., placed a stent to reopen Bowers’ blocked artery, saving his life. That was in 2016.

Today, a grateful Bowers admits it was his experience in the hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program that truly set him on a new path to health.

Recuperating from a heart attack requires a delicate balance of monitoring, knowledgeable guidance and education. The individualized telemetry-monitored exercise plan at Silver Cross, and personalized guidance in nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle modification hit the mark for Bowers.

What’s more, his wife and kids quickly got on board too and understood that Bowers’ lifestyle moving forward had to include good choices about foods, managing stress, and exercising. Nearly three years after his heart attack, Bowers says he books hotels with a work-out room when traveling and packs his gym clothes to maintain the benefits of what he learned and did during Phase II cardiac rehabilitation.

“I’m appreciative of the prevention, diagnostics and therapy available close to home and urge others to get out of denial and into a doctor’s plan of preventive care before it is too late,” he said. One thing Bowers noticed during cardiac rehab is that women typically listen, ask questions or share concerns and then follow staff advice; but sometimes men challenge the protocol and take a little longer to recognize the value.

“I think the rehab team recognizes not everyone will respond to or comply with the same approach, and they work through individual obstacles. They are coaches and cheerleaders as we each conquer our rehab hurdles,” he explained.

In fact, Bowers has a whole new attitude about wellness following his 12-week course of Phase II rehabilitation. He’s currently enrolled in the Phase III program, which allows him to maintain his progress without monitoring.

“I appreciate the opportunity to graduate to an independent regimen while continuing my progress without the judgement and pressure of trainers at most gyms and fitness centers,” he added. “I am motivated, knowing the expert staff on-site is familiar with my medical history and available to answer any questions I have.”


About Heart Care at Silver Cross

Silver Cross Hospital brings together advanced technology and highly trained professionals to create an innovative and efficient approach to heart care that includes prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


And starting later this spring, Silver Cross will begin offering open heart surgery, completing its comprehensive approach to total heart care.


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