Published on February 02, 2018

UChicago Medicine Breast Cancer Surgeon Treats Patients in new Silver Cross Breast Center

Jennifer Tseng, M.D.When Jennifer Tseng, M.D., was growing up hiking along the coastlines and hills of Orange County, California, the thought of becoming an innovative breast cancer surgeon was not on her radar. In fact, it was not until she watched healthcare liaisons in her college residence hall care for students dealing with depression and suicide that she decided to switch her major from pre-law and pre-business to biology. Witnessing these healthcare mentors inspired Dr. Tseng to pursue a medical career helping others during pivotal life moments. After completing medical school and three fellowships with training in breast and complex general surgical oncology, clinical immunotherapy and clinical medical ethics, Dr. Tseng has brought her unique expertise and treatment philosophy to care for area cancer patients and their families at the Silver Cross Breast Center inside the Center for Women’s Health and just steps away from the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center at Silver Cross on the hospital’s New Lenox campus.

“I am so excited to be part of the multidisplinary team of medical professionals at Silver Cross,” said Dr. Tseng. “Through this collaboration, I’m able to provide my patients with the most advanced personalized medicine. I take a holistic approach to caring for my patients, and I am very passionate about not just treating the cancer, but also addressing my patients’ quality of life issues.”

Cooperative Approach to Care

Dr. Tseng is a strong advocate in sharing the decision making process with her patients as she creates their individualized treatment plans. She presents her patients with different evidence-based treatment options and recommendations, while incorporating their lifestyle and daily priorities.

“It is so important to get to know my patients so I understand their desires and preferences,” states Dr. Tseng. “Together we talk through the difficult decisions with the ultimate goal to turning cancer from an acute illness to a chronic, dormant medical problem.”

Through her experience consulting with teams of multidisciplinary experts, Dr. Tseng integrates the latest research in immunotherapy and clinical trials into her surgical practice to provide the optimal care for patients with breast cancer, melanoma and sarcoma.

Advanced Breast Cancer Care Conveniently Located

In the Silver Cross Breast Center, patients can see a highly skilled surgeon for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other abnormalities. The Breast Center is located inside the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health for smooth continuity of care and convenient access to pre and post-surgical services.

Dr. Tseng along with a team of highly-skilled surgeons in the Silver Cross Breast Center have specialized training and expertise to quickly diagnose disease, explain the range of treatment options available, and help patients decide on a plan tailored to their needs and goals. This may include breast conserving surgery, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. These surgeons are trained to evaluate and manage patients with breast pain, benign lumps and cysts and abnormal mammograms, in addition to breast cancer.

If it is determined that surgery is the best option, the procedure will be performed in one of the Silver Cross’ state-of-the-art operating suites followed by a short stay in a spacious, private patient room; although some patients may go home the same day. If chemotherapy or radiation therapy is recommended, U Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center at Silver Cross is nearby to the Breast Center offering the latest clinical trials, genetic testing and counseling and advanced techniques including Prone Breast Radiation Therapy.

After surgery, sometimes patients experience lymphedema, which is a damaged or blocked lymph system that causes swelling in the arms or legs. At Silver Cross, therapists with the world-renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago are available to help patients find relief – both in the hospital and home. And through Siona Boutique, patients have access to a variety of specialized products to help them look good and feel better.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tseng in the Silver Cross Breast Center, call (815) 300-6350.

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