Published on November 11, 2019

I Matter Featured Partner: FNA Outdoors

FNA logo

From the moment you walk into FNA Outdoors, you see floor-to-ceiling wheels. We’re not talking your local big box store’s selection of bicycles either, this place has bikes and trikes with all types of wheels and components that owner Ron Kittler described as serving many different functions for people of all ages and abilities. What started out in 2012 as a bike service shop, FNA Outdoors very quickly turned into a full-service and new bicycle sales store.

The enthusiasm and love Ron has for what he does is palpable! Not only does he know the perfect bike for whatever adventure you are preparing to undertake, he also cares so deeply for this community and the people who live here, that he wants to be a part of breaking down any barriers you may have so that you can get to ride your own bike, no matter what your circumstances are. He carries a trike called the Catrike that he has been able to modify for use by a pre-teen stroke victim with mobility only on one side. Now, this youngster can feel the breeze in her hair that every young person longs for while growing up. Ron has brought normalcy not only to this young person but countless other people facing life-altering events that have limited their mobility and ability to ride a traditional bicycle.FNA-Trikes

It doesn’t stop there for Ron. Meandering through his shop feels like you are on an adventure. Each room is designed and decorated so perfectly. There's a painted road on the ground leading you on to the next showroom that houses its own line of adventure products.

There are road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, trikes, and BMX bikes, but that's not all. There are kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and all the accessories you could ever need to enjoy these activities safely. If you haven’t stopped in to see Ron and all the great things FNA Outdoors has to offer, stop in today! FNA Outdoors is located at 1303 S. Schoolhouse Road, Suite 8, New Lenox. And, if you’re not sure which bike is best for you, there’s plenty of room to give the wheels of your choosing a spin! You can also cruise over to Facebook to check out their page.

The importance of the ladies in our lives receiving their screenings is the driving force behind the I Matter(tm) Rewards Program at Silver Cross Hospital. As an I Matter(tm) Partner, FNA Outdoors offers at least 5% off your total bill once you show your membership card. Members receive their discount card when they come to Silver Cross Hospital for their annual Mammogram, Heart Screening and/or Dexa Scan. If you are not a member, sign up for this free program online today, then complete your screening to receive your discount cart. I Matter is simply Silver Cross's way to reward you for taking care of yourself! FNA-Trikes-Lobby

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