Published on April 23, 2019

Silver Cross Hospital Volunteers Honored for Service

Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox recently honored its volunteers at the hospital’s annual recognition luncheon held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook. With four volunteer organizations: Advisory Board (Encore Resale Shop), Childerguild (Gift Shop) and The Will County Union of King’s Daughters and Sons (founders of Silver Cross) and Inservice volunteers, nearly 700 area residents donate their time and talents to raise funds for the hospital and assist in daily operations. 

volunteer service awards

Over the last year, they have given 68,000 hours of service and raised over $398,000 for the Silver Cross Foundation. For more information, about volunteer opportunities, visit or call (815) 300-7117.

PHOTO CAPTIONPictured are Silver Cross Volunteers and Auxilians at the annual Volunteer Service Award Luncheon at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on March 31 including: Barbara Baird, 8,000 hours of Lockport; Margaret Persico, 8,000 hours of New Lenox; Ruth Colby, President and CEO Silver Cross Hospital, Mary Martino, 8,500 hours of New Lenox; Violet Gambrel, 50 Years of Service of Joliet, and not pictured Dan Donnelly, 8,000 hours of New Lenox.

Name Volunteer Organization Hometown
Pat Andrews Childerguild New Lenox
Pat Crowley Childerguild Lemont
Kathy Fanning Advisory Board/King’s Daughter Shorewood
Kim Brooks Childerguild New Lenox
Lynn Reed Childerguild/In-Service Lockport
Jeanette Stevenson Childerguild Shorewood
Norma Thompson Childerguild Plainfield
Susan Vari Childerguild Orland Park
Arlene Welbourne Childerguild Lockport
Susan Frangella Childerguild Orland Park
Joyce Enos Advisory Board/King’s Daughter Joliet
Sue Gonzalez King’s Daughter Lockport
Georgia Alberico Childerguild Lockport
Betty Stoxen Advisory Board/Childerguild Lockport
Rita Larson Childerguild/King’s Daughter New Lenox
Donna Galligan Childerguild Joliet
Darlene Kress Childerguild Joliet
Lorraine Lindstrom King’s Daughter Joliet
Violet Gambrel King’s Daughter Joliet
Sue Hutchison Childerguild Fraser
Sally Weaver Childerguild Joliet
Shirley Swithin King’s Daughter Joliet
Patricia Hensley Advisory Board LaGrange
Alice Manning-Dowd Advisory Board Joliet
Nancy Ruthrauff Advisory Board Crest Hill
Linda Casto In-Service Alsip
Duncan Conklin In-Service Lockport
Joyce Conti In-Service Orland Park
John Creedon In-Service Mokena
William Krueger In-Service Tinley Park
Leanne Kubinski In-Service New Lenox
Bill Lyon In-Service Orland Park
Virginia Mondrazon In-Service Frankfort
Nancy Sebben In-Service Crest Hill
Cheryl Smith In-Service Mokena
Harriett Susman In-Service Frankfort
Kathleen Wagner In-Service Frankfort
1,000 HOURS
Rosalyn Abadie Advisory Board Channahan
Terry Karales Advisory Board Joliet
Bruce Bissell In-Service New Lenox
William Boyles, Sr. In-Service Frankfort
Pat Bubash In-Service Lockport
Sharyn Buckner In-Service New Lenox
Gerald Cox In-Service Willow Springs
Robert Davidson In-Service Tinley Park
Nancy Dykshorn In-Service New Lenox
Gerald Eskoff In-Service Frankfort
John (Jack) Fronek In-Service Lockport
Susan Fronek In-Service Lockport
Pat Fruhwirth In-Service Manhattan
Audrey Newton In-Service Manhattan
Gary Niedermeier In-Service Frankfort
Annelle Paschal In-Service Mokena
Marilyn Sargent In-Service New Lenox
Richard Sargent In-Service New Lenox
1,500 HOURS
Kathy Fanning Advisory Board/King’s Daughter Shorewood
Kay Hegarty Advisory Board New Lenox
Carol Novak Advisory Board Elwood
Judy Lake Advisory Board/In-Service Lockport
LeeAnn Nippert Advisory Board/In-Service Shorewood
Judy Broud In-Service New Lenox
Georganne Farrell In-Service Mokena
Linda Franciskovic In-Service Tinley Park
Bob Fronek In-Service New Lenox
Jerry Girogi In-Service Frankfort
Mary Hoechbauer In-Service Joliet
Dolly Waliczak In-Service Lockport
2,000 HOURS
Sandy Alaimo Advisory Board/King’s Daughter Joliet
Agnes Dobczyk Advisory Board Joliet
Dorothy Trimmer Advisory Board Joliet
Donna Zanzola Advisory Board Joliet
Carroll Koliboski In-Service New Lenox
Mike Perkovich In-Service Mokena
2,500 HOURS
Jean Lund Advisory Board New Lenox
Joan Zalanka Advisory Board Crest Hill
James Aggen In-Service Orland Park
Patricia Bersano In-Service New Lenox
Kathleen Carroll In-Service Matteson
Marilyn Kintz In-Service Lockport
Lillian Mazur In-Service New Lenox
Edward Merzlock In-Service Shorewood
3,000 HOURS
JoAnn Tomczak In-Service Orland Park
3,500 HOURS
Kathryn Andersen In-Service Mokena
William Bennett In-Service Orland Park
David Dykshorn In-Service New Lenox
Mary Johnson In-Service Joliet
Richard Kobylecky In-Service New Lenox
John Miller In-Service Lemont
4,000 HOURS
Kathryn Pitcairn Advisory Board New Lenox
Betty Cleveland In-Service New Lenox
Monica Roberts In-Service Mokena
William Virgl In-Service New Lenox
4,500 HOURS
Edith Schalk Advisory Board/In-Service Lemont
Jackie Grider In-Service Lockport
Judy Wasilkoff In-Service Mokena
5,000 HOURS
Jim Pitcairn In-Service New Lenox
Ken Vrshek In-Service Frankfort
5,500 HOURS
Howard Beintum In-Service Manhattan
6,000 HOURS
Mike Buell In-Service New Lenox
Donna Geiss In-Service Manhattan
Brian Hutson In-Service Lockport
7,000 HOURS
Stuart Switt In-Service Mokena
8,000 HOURS
Barbara Baird In-Service Lockport
Dan Donnelly In-Service New Lenox
Margaret Persico In-Service New Lenox
8,500 HOURS
Mary Martino In-Service New Lenox

Physicians on Silver Cross Hospital’s Medical Staff have expertise in their areas of practice to meet the needs of patients seeking their care. These physicians are independent practitioners on the Medical Staff and are not the agents or employees of Silver Cross Hospital. They treat patients based upon their independent medical judgment and they bill patients separately for their services.