Published on February 14, 2020

Robot-Assisted Total Knee Replacement Surgery with Dr. Robert Daley

Are you, like many Americans, suffering from chronic knee pain? It could be caused by osteoarthritis, which is the most common reason for knee pain. Osteoarthritis is a process where the cartilage in the joint gradually wears away due to injury or being overweight. At Silver Cross Hospital, we are proud to provide the patients in our community the best options for knee replacement surgery with some of the best minimally invasive surgeons in the nation.

Who Can Help Me?

Based on your symptoms and the degree of your osteoarthritis, your doctor might recommend a total or partial knee replacement.  At Silver Cross Hospital, The Midwest Institute for Robotic Surgery uses the MAKO™ robotic arm to assist the surgeon in performing knee replacement surgery.  This minimally invasive procedure starts with a CT scan of your knee to visualize the anatomy of the bones. Using the Mako System, the surgeon then creates a surgical plan and identifies the implant size, considering the orientation and alignment of each patients’ unique anatomy.

Surgery using the MAKO™ System

During surgery, the surgeon guides the robotic arm while preparing the knee and positioning the implant based on your personalized pre-operative plan. The Mako system, part of the Da-Vinci Robot family, also allows your surgeon to make adjustments to your plan during surgery if needed. When the surgeon prepares the bone for the implant, the Mako System guides the surgeon for optimal alignment of your implant.

Knowing The Time is Right

Surgery is a difficult decision. You should talk with your doctor to better understand the risks and complications before making the decision to undergo total knee replacement; but consider that a study has shown that better outcomes have been reported in those patients who had a total joint operation earlier in their disease process. Two years after their operation, patients who chose surgery earlier in the disease process had improved function and reduced pain compared to those who waited.

Seminar with the Expert: Dr. Robert Daley on Feb. 25

Dr. Robert Daley is a leading surgeon in the areas of robotic-assisted total knee replacement, minimally invasive knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and knee arthroscopy. His office is located at 1870 Silver Cross Blvd. in Suite 200 of Pavilion B.Dr. Robert Daley

Please join him as he discusses Total Knee Replacement Surgery on Tuesday, Feb. 25. He will discuss the symptoms leading up to the procedure as well as the before and after of knee replacement surgery. Please register HERE for this FREE lecture.



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