Published on August 06, 2020

Silver Cross Introduces EASE Technology to Update Patient Families

HIPAA-Compliant EASE Application Enables Patient Updates to Reach Extended Family and Friends Anywhere in the World

EASE ApplicationWaiting for updates on a loved one who’s having surgery can be nerve-wracking, especially during long procedures. That’s why the surgical team at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox uses the EASE app to communicate with a patient’s approved list of family and friends. 

The new EASE technology, which stands for Electronic Access to Surgical Events, offers privacy-protected, secure updates via video, image and text messages to an approved list of family and friends. And it’s getting high marks from family members eager to receive updates about their loved one. 

“The EASE Application makes the waiting process less stressful and greatly impacts our ability to reach more people with a positive experience,” said Marybeth Antone, Administrative Director of Surgical Services, Cardiology and Silver Cross Health Center in Homer Glen. “Our patients’ families appreciate getting EASE updates about their loved ones from our nursing staff.” 

Secure Messaging with the EASE App

EASE offers peace of mind that the health information used is always secure, and only the people that patients or guardians select in advance will receive updates about their care. 

It’s like Snapchat from the operating room. 

EASE is similar to the popular social media app that shares images, texts and videos in that content disappears after a minute and is not stored. But these posts are only shared from medical staff to whomever is signed up to see them — even to family members in other cities. 

What’s more, the EASE app uses 256-bit encryption – the same standard as bank and credit card transactions – to protect the message as it travels across the internet. These practices are consistent with federal health data privacy guidelines, including the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

“EASE frees families by allowing them to receive important updates no matter where they are, said Patrick de la Roza, CEO of EASE Applications. “Many people who care deeply for the patient simply live too far away or cannot step away from their responsibilities to be at the hospital. EASE helps them feel more connected during a time of need.” 

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