Published on May 13, 2021

Our May #DAISY Award recipient is Hilary Robinson, RN, 6:3.

Many of you may recognize Hilary from the video she did all the way back on Dec. 18, 2020, when the COVID-19 vaccines had first arrived at Silver Cross. Hilary, who's taken care of many of our COVID-positive patients from the beginning of the pandemic, talked about her experiences as a caregiver and how excited she was that the vaccine had finally arrived. The video has been viewed hundreds of times since then.

Hilary Robinson, Daisy Award WinnerHilary received special recognition from the family of a patient named Kathleen who was under Hilary's watchful care in March of this year. The patient, who's battled stage 4 cancer for 6 years, was admitted in very serious condition, unresponsive to verbal, physical or even painful stimuli. But thanks to Hilary's persistent attention to her patient, Kathleen began improving.

"Hilary is a nurse that stood out from the rest," her DAISY nomination read. "Hilary spent a lot of time educating me and explaining every little detail from medications to the symptoms my mom was experiencing. With her excellent attention to detail and communication skills, she was able to get the admitting consults at the bedside just in time. Had the doctors not have been informed in time, I'm not sure my mom would have made it. Aside from this, I would also like to point out how greatly I appreciate Hillary advocating for my mother."

"After numerous IV sticks and realizing my mom's veins were bad, Hilary advocated and voiced for infectious disease to order port access for not only the sake of my mom's veins, but also for adequate medication administration. My mother's in-hospital oncologist ordered a palliative/hospice consult, but due to the COVID visitor policy, my brother was unable to visit during this difficult time."

But Hilary came through once again.

"I voiced my emotions to Hilary," Kathleen's daughter said. "Shortly after the nursing supervisor walked in, and after I explained what was going on, my brother was allowed a few hours to be with my mom. This was all because Hilary advocated for my mother, time and time again. Surprisingly enough, my mom recovered, and just before Hilary's shift ended, my mom was opening her eyes and making out some words, which was a miracle considering how disoriented and lethargic she was at the beginning of that day. I truly believe to this day, my mom healed fast because of Hilary's care and compassion. We will never forget Hilary, and we will forever cherish the care that she provided to not only my mom, but to me and the rest of my family."

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