Published on April 22, 2021

Silver Cross Nurse Advancing Through the Years

As a child, Jackie Bowman, RN, BSN, who started at Silver Cross 14 years ago as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), remembers playing nurse with a toy doctor’s kit, coming to the aid of her brother who was pretending to be sick. All under the watchful eye of her grandmother, a retired nurse.

“Nursing is my true calling,” said Jackie, who after high school, took general courses at Joliet Junior College and got an internship with the American Cancer Society.

 “I remember talking to cancer patients on the phone and wanting so bad to help out any way I could.”

While waiting to get into JJC’s nursing program, Jackie took a CNA course. One day, while working at Jewel-Osco, she met Dawn H., an RN/Shift Coordinator at Silver Cross.

“She invited me to join the team. I remember coming out of my first interview feeling so welcomed, something that was lacking when I went in for an interview later at a Chicago hospital. I feel so grateful Silver Cross took a chance on me.”

Jackie’s also thankful Silver Cross offered tuition reimbursement that allowed her to achieve her BSN degree in 2009 from the University of St. Francis. She started on the same surgical unit where she worked as a CNA, but then heard about the Clinical Resource Pool (CRP) nursing program, which allows nurses to float to different units.

“It sounded like a challenge, and without hesitation, I jumped into the CRP. It was the best experience of my career. I learned so much and got to meet lots of people.”

Interested in taking the next step towards a leadership position, Jackie applied for a nurse manager role. She wasn’t chosen the first time, but that made her only more determined.

“I took the feedback I received from the interview and continued to grow in my knowledge and experience. In 2012, after a position became vacant, I interviewed again, and was chosen. The staff was very welcoming, and we all moved to our new unit at the new hospital together. I am so proud of my 4:4 team and their growth over the past nine years. They are truly amazing.”

Colleagues think highly of Jackie as well.

“Jackie is so supportive as a leader,” said Diane M., RN, BSN, CPN, Manager, 4:3. “We have great conversations."

She’s also a great storyteller who uses stories to educate and support.” Katie L., RN-BC, BSN, Clinical Educator, adds, “Jackie is so relatable and approachable.”

Earlier this year, Jackie was named Director of Nursing for 4th floor Cardiac Telemetry and recently was accepted to Western Governors University where she will study for a Master of Science degree in nursing leadership.

And to others seeking to advance their careers, Jackie advises, “Don’t give up on your dreams. You will fail and use those failures to be better.”

“Jackie is caring and compassionate and leads with her heart,” said Michael Mutterer, RN, MA, LCPC, CADC, LNHA, Vice President of Patient Care & Chief Nursing Officer. “And her career journey is a great example of the career advancement opportunities available to all of us at Silver Cross.”

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