Published on June 02, 2022

Plainfield Family’s Gift Offers Special Comfort to Babies at Silver Cross NICU

May 9 would have been Jameson Rowe’s 7th birthday. But born at 25 weeks in 2015, he passed away two days later. 

His Mom, Jamie Rowe, her husband, Jimmy, and son, Jordan, wanted to do something special to honor Jameson’s birthday this year. And Jamie, Telecommunications Supervisor at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, knew exactly what that was. 

Jamie Rowe Family
(From left) Jimmy, Jordan and Jamie Rowe of Plainfield deliver 10 mamaRoo
® baby swings to the future Amy, Matthew and Jay Vana Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Silver Cross Hospital, donated in loving memory of the Rowe’s baby boy, Jameson.

MamaRoo donation

She had seen how the special mamaRoo® swings helped comfort babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Rush, where Jameson was born. Now, with the addition of the future 24-bed Amy, Matthew and Jay Vana Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Silver Cross – she wanted the hospital to have its own as well. 

“I always knew in my heart I wanted to give back,” said Jamie of Plainfield. “When I heard Silver Cross was constructing a NICU, I wanted to donate the swings with Jameson’s name on them so he would be remembered, like he always will be in my heart.” 

Jamie asked family and friends if they would like to donate to help supply the special swings. She was amazed, and grateful, with the response. 

“We raised close to $3,000, enough for 10 mamaRoo® swings. They are the No. 1 swings used in NICUs,” Jamie explains. 

Becky Kole, Director of the Silver Cross NICU, said she was thrilled when Jamie asked if it would be OK to donate the mamaRoos®. 

“We had a couple already,” Kole said. “But the covers have to be cleaned for each baby. And then we’re trying to find who has them in what room. Now, we have enough so that shouldn’t be a problem.” 

The mamaRoos® are specially designed to comfort the infants, turning them slowly, providing a gentle vibration, and even playing soft music to help soothe the babies, freeing some of the 40 nurses on the unit to do other tasks nearby. 

“It’s wonderful to have so many,” Kole said. “This was very generous of the Rowes. We appreciate it so much. I have been amazed at how generous the community has been with donations. And this is another wonderful example.” 

Jamie said it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for their family and friends, especially generous donations from her father’s workplace – Boilermakers Local 1 at the Three Rivers Plant, and from R.A. Plumbing & Mechanical of New Lenox. 

Her husband and Jordan had a great time helping deliver the mamaRoo® swings to the NICU, Jamie said. It was a special time for all of them. 

“Each swing has a little plaque that says, ‘In loving Memory of Jameson Rowe.’ My heart is so happy being able to gift these awesome swings to such a beautiful new facility.” 

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