Published on May 13, 2022

Silver Cross Proactively Addresses Global IV Contrast Shortage

An increase of COVID-19 cases and the resultant shutdowns in Shanghai, China, have caused a global shortage of intravenous contrast used to enhance images for CT scans, and X-Rays.

Darius Keblinskas
Darius Keblinskas, M.D.

The IV shortage is expected to last until at least the end of June and affects hospitals across the world and locally, including Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. That’s why Silver Cross is taking proactive steps now to ensure the health and safety of all patients who may need imaging procedures requiring contrast.

“IV contrast is the dye that helps physicians have a better view of blood vessels and internal organs in order to diagnose diseases,” explains Darius Keblinskas, M.D., Medical Director of Radiology at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. “This shortage is currently expected to last at least through the month of June and is unavoidable due to the lack of suppliers of this contrast outside of China.” 

Silver Cross is focused on ensuring that contrast is available for patients in emergent and critical situations while exploring alternative options whenever possible. 

Christopher Udovich
Christopher Udovich, M.D.

“Our providers are working to prioritize contrast use for emergent and urgent procedures,” adds Silver Cross Hospital Chief Medical Officer Christopher Udovich, M.D. “We’re looking at alternative options in imaging where contrast is not used or is at least used in modified doses.” 

Alternatives including initial non-contrasted imaging — which may require repeat imaging later — are being considered when appropriate, and Silver Cross is working to identify possible other sources for IV contrast. But not every imaging/procedure offers an alternative. 

“Our primary goal is to keep patients safe and provide accurate, timely, and effective care through this critical, worldwide shortage of IV contrast,” Dr. Keblinskas added.

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