Silver Cross Endoscopy Center

Silver Cross Endoscopy Center

Outpatient endoscopy services are available at our brand-new Silver Cross Endoscopy Center. The center is conveniently located on the campus of Silver Cross Hospital, just east of the main hospital building, at 678 Cedar Crossings Drive. The same exceptional care patients receive at our hospital-based endoscopy center is provided in our new location, but with special touches to make the patient experience as comfortable and expedient as possible.

The Silver Cross Endoscopy Center features three procedure rooms and nine admission and recovery bays designed with privacy walls to minimize sound and make the patient experience more comfortable. Because it's specifically designed for the outpatient setting, patients will experience shorter waiting times and spend less time overall at the center.

The Silver Cross Endoscopy Center also features:

  • Convenient location with ample on-site parking  
  • Beautiful décor to provide a serene environment
  • The latest equipment for colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and EGD upper endoscopy  

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