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Introducing...Even More Tools to Mend Broken Hearts

The Latest in Heart Care

In 2019 Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox embarked on a 33,000-square-foot, 2-story heart expansion on the east side of the hospital. The incredible expansion features:

Heart Care Pavillion

  • Two Cardiovascular Operating Rooms
  • Cardiac Hybrid Room
  • Two Recovery Rooms
  • Patient Elevator to New 16-bed Cardiothoracic Unit with four (4) Cardiac Echo and Stress Testing Rooms
  • Space for Future Growth including a 16-bed observation unit and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
Structural Heart Virtual Celebration Invite

Silver Cross now has the capability to provide innovative, multi-specialty care for patients with advanced and complex coronary disease.

This includes surgery to correct the abnormalities of the heart structure such as repairing and replacing aortic and mitral valves. Historically, open-heart surgery has been the common method for treating structural heart disease; however, minimally invasive valve replacement now provides a viable alternative to patients for whom conventional surgery is considered too risky—and offers the potential benefits of lower risk of infection, less trauma to the chest and heart muscle tissue, reduced length of stay in the hospital, and a quicker recovery.

With the best medical technology and clinical expertise, patients can undergo these innovative surgical procedures close to home and in a hospital they trust—Silver Cross.

The Case for Advanced Heart Care

Closer to home, the statistics are equally alarming. In a 2017 Will County Community Needs Assessment, heart disease was the top cause of death and the second leading cause of hospitalization. Furthermore, respondents and their families reported that:Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about half of all Americans have at least one of three main risk factors for heart disease—high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or smoking – making it highly likely that you or someone you know will need heart care in the future.

  • 46% had high blood pressure
  • 37% had high cholesterol
  • 24% were obese/overweight and
  • 15% had a heart condition.

Many of these conditions may lead to heart issues that will most likely require minimally invasive or open surgical intervention, sometimes both.

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Less-Invasive TAVR Procedure "Rocks" Aortic Valve Surgeries

Rolling Stones’ front man Mick Jagger put a tour on hold two years ago to undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement – or TAVR as its commonly referred to – shining the spotlight on this minimally invasive procedure used to replace a diseased aortic valve. And the aging rocker’s not alone.

After age 60 or so, there’s a good chance everyone will have some abnormality in heart valve function, said Dr. Ravi Ramana, interventional cardiologist on staff at Silver Cross Hospital and medical director of the hospital’s structural heart program, “it’s just a question of how much.” Read more...

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