Patient Success Stories

Area Resident Receives Peace of Mind from Cardiac Screening at Silver Cross Hospital

Since her grandparents and parents had heart disease, Manhattan resident Terri Dobson often wondered if she too would suffer from the same fate. With her family health history in mind, she was motivated to get a Baseline Cardiac Assessment at Silver Cross Hospital. “I knew for years I should get my heart checked based on the history of heart disease in my family, but when I learned about Silver Cross’ baseline cardiac risk assessment for only $40, I had no excuse not to get my heart checked out,” said 57 year-old Dobson. “I’m so grateful to the compassionate nurses who calmly talked me through the test and helped me relax. Thanks to having the cardiac screening, I now have peace of mind knowing my heart health.”

Silver Cross Hospital employee Lisa Norrgran-Johnson, EKG technician, checks Manhattan resident Terri Dobson’s body mass index during a Baseline Cardiac Risk Assessment at Silver Cross Hospital.

Dobson’s EKG showed an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, which prompted her to follow-up for further testing with her family practice physician. Fortunately, these follow-up tests showed no problems, however, Dobson will continue monitoring her heart, since she had irregular results from the initial baseline cardiac assessment. Dobson also has made behavioral changes like exercising and eating better to make her heart healthier.

“Since heart disease is the number one leading killer of men and women, area residents should take care of themselves by getting a cardiac screening,” said Mary Tonelli, R.N., cardiac nurse at Silver Cross Hospital. “Terri’s experience is one example of the importance of having a baseline cardiac screening. By monitoring your heart and making behavioral changes, your heart health can improve.”

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