Published on January 31, 2020

Varicose Veins

varicose veinsVaricose veins are swollen, enlarged veins that are clearly visible just under the surface of the skin. For some people, they cause pain, blood clots, or sores. Varicose veins usually occur in the legs, but also can appear in other parts of the body.

Many factors can raise your risk for developing varicose veins, including family history, advancing age, female gender, pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing or sitting, blood clots and prior trauma.


Endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT). At Silver Cross, interventional radiologists use a minimally invasive technique called EVLT to close off problematic varicose veins and relieve their uncomfortable symptoms. Using imaging guidance via X-ray images, the interventional radiologist threads a thin laser fiber into the problem vein through a tiny needle. Next, the doctor numbs the length of the vein to minimize discomfort during the heating process. Finally, the laser heat causes the vein to close. Once the problem vein is closed, blood will flow through the remaining healthy veins. This is all accomplished while patients rest comfortably. Return to most normal daily activities is allowed immediately.

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