Posterior-Lateral Total Hip Arthroplasty

Occupational Therapy: The skills of everyday Living

The Role of Occupational Therapy post-op:
  • If you are staying overnight, We will primarily be seeing you the day AFTER your surgery in the morning to complete education/training on the following:
    • Bed Mobility
    • Self-cares
    • Functional Transfers
    • Functional Standing Balance and tolerance for everyday tasks
    • Modified Home set-up to promote safety and independence
Posterior-Lateral Total Hip Arthroplasty Precautions:
  • Avoid bending your hip more than 90 degrees

  • Avoid cross legs (at ankles and/or knees)

    • May have a foam wedge that will be placed in between your legs bed/chair level to help maintain precaution.

  • Avoid twisting/turning your leg in/out and/or at your waist.

    •       *Continue to follow these guidelines until cleared by your MD.   

    Things you can do Prior to Surgery
    • Remove clutter from home
    • Pick-up loose throw rugs
    • Proper Lighting
    • Set-up of daily items waist – shoulder height
    • May prepare food ahead of time; purchase paper plates, plastic ware.
    • Look into possible medical equipment and adaptive equipment.
    • Home Improvement projects (Ex: Railings, grab bars)
    DRESSING: (Recommend Comfy, easy slip-on/off clothing)

    Dress your operated leg first.
    Undress your non-operated leg last.
    In order to get dressed independently, You will most likely need to use long-handled equipment and a sock-aid.

    Reacher Reacher 1 Reacher 2

    Sock Aid

    Sock-Aid 2 Sock-Aid 3
    Long-Handled Shoe Horn
    Long-Handled Shoe Horn Long-Handled Shoe Horn 2 Long-Handled Shoe Horn 2
    Choosing Safe Footwear
    Poor Choices Good Choices
    Poor Shoe Choices Good Shoe Choices
    • Pending your bathroom set-up / Toilet, we may recommend using a 3in1 commode to help maintain hip precautions, safety, and independence.
    • We will discuss this during your initial Occupational Therapy evaluation.

    Toilet Seats

    Other Considerations
    • The majority of our Patients do discharge home with no further Occupational Therapy needs. If we find you do have + needs upon discharge we will make further suggestions for + OT.
    • We do recommend having assistance for House Management tasks (Ex: cooking, cleaning, garbage, and pet care) and for general safety.
    • May need to assist with getting in/out of bed; do NOT recommend air mattresses.

    Questions?  Please write them down and we will address your needs after your surgery.


    Get Started

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