Car Transfers

  1. The car should be parked several feet away from the curb with the passenger door open completely.
  2. The car seat should be adjusted as far back as it will go.
  1. Approach the car seat using your walker or crutches.
  2. Turn so that your back is facing the passenger seat and back up until you feel the seat with the back of your legs.
9-Car transfer 1
Sit Down
  1. Place one hand on the car seat and the other on the car overhead handle or dashboard.  Never use the car door for support.
  2. Lower yourself onto the car seat carefully with your operative leg advanced slightly forward.
9-Car transfer 2
Scoot Backward
  1. Slide back until your thighs are fully supported on the seat.
  2. If you had a total hip replacement, keep your shoulders behind your hips as you slide backward.
  3. If you had a total hip replacement, make sure that your hips are higher than your knees in sitting.  If your car seat is too low, use a firm cushion to raise the level of your seat.
9-Car transfer 3
Turn Forward 
  1. Assist your legs into the car one at a time. 
  2. Use your hands to assist your legs as needed.
  3. Continue turning until you are facing forward.
  4. And lastly, always fasten your seat belt.  Thank you!
9-Car transfer 4

TOTAL HIP Joint Replacement Surgery Education-PDF

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