Patient Stories

Brian Wood survived a brain aneurysm after being rushed to the Silver Cross Emergency Department with the worst headache of his life. After undergoing a complex procedure known as coiling to prevent additional bleeding, he recovered at Silver Cross due to a unique partnership with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly RIC) – the #1 Rehabilitation Hospital in the U.S. since 1991. “I’ve had to relearn how to walk and do daily tasks that most take for granted,” said Brian. “But thanks to excellent therapists, I am walking, driving and getting back to my everyday normal!”


Melissa and Bryan McCormick were thrilled when they learned their 5-year-old daughter, Emmy, could have the best of both worlds - surgery performed by a Lurie Children’s Hospital pediatric specialist at their community hospital. After months of trying to navigate the world of chronic throat and ear infections, their pediatrician referred them to Dr. Eric Johnston who performed a tonsillectomy, adenoid removal and ear tube placement to drain the fluid in her ears. “My husband and I were nervous about our daughter having surgery, but the staff at Silver Cross Hospital and Dr. Johnston made us feel confident all would go well – and it did,” said Melissa.


Metastatic colon cancer is a frightening diagnosis, but a revolutionary treatment at Silver Cross Hospital is giving hope and delivering promising results to patients like Linda Poteracki. After five rounds of chemotherapy and successful surgery to remove the tumor in her colon, Linda still had tumors in her liver. Fortunately, Silver Cross is one of the few area hospitals offering selective internal radiation therapy or Y-90 to kill the cancer cells. This breakthrough therapy is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that uses tiny beads called microspheres to deliver radiation directly to tumors in the liver. “It was a very simple procedure,” Linda said. “I wasn’t ill or tired after and I especially appreciated how much time Dr. Ashish Vyas took to explain the treatment to me and walked me through everything.”


With your (ongoing) help, Silver Cross can continue to bring new facilities and innovative therapies delivered by compassionate caregivers to heal more patients like Brian, Emmy and Linda. Every dollar raised is invested locally to treat patients the way they should be treated at Silver Cross Hospital.

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