Dr. Wylie H. & Shirley Mullen

Dr. Wylie and Shirley Mullen have been a driving force in the advancement of medicine at Silver Cross Hospital for over half a century. Dr. Mullen served on the medical staff for 35 years as a radiologist and valued physician leader. He was instrumental in bringing revolutionary procedures and technology to the Hospital which included the first CT

Scanning equipment in Will County. His foresight into the betterment of medicine enabled Silver Cross to lead the way in state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging.

Sharing Wylie’s passion, Shirley cared for patients in the Hospital’s Radiology Department as an X-ray technician. She also volunteered as a member of Childerguild and Celebrity Spotlight –organizations that support women and children’s services and the Hospital’s medical emergency response system.

Leaving a Legacy

In 2000, Wylie and Shirley’s generous planned estate gift led to the creation of the Mullen Diagnostic Imaging Center at Silver Cross. This Center was home to the most advanced MRI and CT equipment of its time which led to faster diagnoses and accelerated patient healing.

"I have done well as a physician and businessman throughout my life and wanted an opportunity to give something back to Silver Cross, my colleagues and the community," said Dr. Wylie Mullen."

Then in 2014, Shirley invested once again – this time in the new Silver Cross Hospital honoring Wylie and creating a lasting legacy for their entire family by creating The Mullen Family Diagnostic Imaging Center. Their generous donation touches lives every single day and helps in the healing process for countess numbers of individuals.

The Mullen’s foresight and contribution to innovation in healthcare paved the way for Silver Cross Hospital to be a leader in providing quality healthcare

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