John & Hazel Francis

"We have such faith and confidence in the leadership at Silver Cross that we knew they would act for the benefit of New Lenox."

Local business and community leaders, John and Hazel Francis helped plant the seed for Silver Cross Hospital to grow into one of the leading healthcare systems in the country. In 1981, the couple bestowed upon Silver Cross the land across from their home in New Lenox to build a medical center along Route 30. Then in 1997, Hazel chose to give Silver Cross nearly 300 acres of Francis family farmland in New Lenox. Years later, the sale of a portion of this prime real estate provided the down payment for the Silver Cross Replacement Hospital.

In addition to these magnanimous gifts, Hazel gave freely of her time for nearly 50 years as a Silver Cross volunteer. She was also a member of the Silver Cross Advisory Board.

John also lent his time and talents to Silver Cross serving on the Hospital’s Board of Trustees for 20 years including a term as Chairman.

The couple always believed in the importance of a strong community hospital and wanted to give Silver Cross the opportunity to continue its work to improve healthcare services for the area.

Together, John and Hazel shared a deep abiding community spirit and generosity that will always be admired. The Francis’ charitable donations to Silver Cross over their lifetime represent their perpetual confidence in our ongoing services and activities.

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