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Supported by the Silver Cross Healthy Community Commission since 2011, the Community Center offer several programs such as Ride it out Fitness Program, Kids in the Kitchen, and the Children’s Community Garden.

The Ride it out Fitness Program is designed specifically for kids diagnosed with (or at risk of developing) ADD/ADHD).

The Kids in the Kitchen Program is a 6- week cooking and nutrition class for kids and their parents. Utilizing fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, families learn to prepare delicious healthy dinners. At the end of the course, kids host a dinner for their families at the Center.

The Warren-Sharpe Foundation is very passionate about addressing food insecurities within her area. Children’s Community Garden is a project designed to educate the youth about agriculture, healthy food choices, and increase physical activity along with supporting their food pantry.

In 2013, the Center provided over 7,300 households with food, clothing and school supplies, served approximately 2,800 meals to needy children, and provided over 11,200 hours of educational tutoring and/or instruction.

The Warren-Sharpe Center is located at 454 S. Joliet St, Joliet. For more information about the programs and services available at the Warren-Sharpe Community Center call (815) 727-3683.


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