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Wayne Waddell was getting ready to go home from the hospital when he suffered a stroke on May 29, 2014. Just days before, paramedics had brought the Lockport resident to Silver Cross after experiencing a cardiac arrhythmia. This resulted in Wayne having a defibrillator placed to protect his heart from the rhythm happening again. While Wayne was eating lunch, his wife, Judy, noticed that something was not right. He was trying to eat his soup using his fingers. His face had begun to droop, and couldn’t communicate. Judy quickly called the nurse and within seconds, he was surrounded by a Code Stroke Team.

Photo Caption: Lockport resident Wayne Waddell suffered a stroke following heart surgery at Silver Cross Hospital. His wife Judy, noticed something was wrong and immediately called for help. Luckily Wayne was in the right place at the right time.  He survived the stroke, is doing great and spending the holidays with loved ones. 

“I really don’t remember much except seeing a lot of people in the room,” Wayne said.

Luckily, Dr. Kathleen McCahill, Medical Director of Silver Cross Hospital’s Stroke Program, was in the hallway outside Wayne’s room and rushed in to help. After a quick evaluation, she identified the stroke and called Dr. Harish Shownkeen, who took the 75-year-old to the Neuro Interventional Lab.  Using cerebral angiography, Dr. Shownkeen was able to locate the clogged artery in Wayne’s brain causing the stroke and then drive a tiny suction catheter through his arteries to the blood clot. Using that suction catheter he was able to pull out the clot and restore blood flow, preventing permanent damage.

“Wayne was very lucky. If he had been anywhere when his stroke occurred, the outcome could have been much different,” said Dr. Shownkeen, Medical Director of the Neuro Interventional Program at Silver Cross Hospital. “Since he just had surgery and could not safely receive clot busting drugs, this was his only chance.”

After a short hospital stay, Wayne was discharged under the care of a Silver Cross Home Health nurse. Excited about getting his health back on track, Waddell attended physical therapy and even continued his exercise regimen at a local gym.

“I have worked out regularly over the past 15 years, which may be why I am doing so well. You would never know that I had a stroke,” comments Wayne. “I feel great.”

To learn more about the warning signs of stroke and treatment available at the Silver Cross Neuroscience Institute, request a free Stroke Awareness Kit online or 1-888-660-HEAL (4325). 



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