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In 1977, Karl and Marilyn Kurtz along with their two sons, Tom Vana and Joey Kurtz, moved into a farmhouse on the corner of Cedar and Francis Roads in New Lenox. On November 3 of that year Kurtz Memorial Chapel started serving the New Lenox community. Just three weeks later Karl started Kurtz Ambulance Service. Although Karl was advised that the ambulance service would never make it in the New Lenox area, he ran over 300 calls that first year. Karl and Marilyn's work ethic cannot be denied. Their work day was endless as they answered the ambulance phones and dispatched vehicles from their home 24-hours a day for many years. 

Karl and Marilyn's son, Tom Vana, eventually became President & CEO. He attended paramedic class at Silver Cross Hospital and at the age of 20 he was the youngest to graduate from the program at the top of his class receiving the golden stethoscope award. 

In 1987 Tom met Michele Matile in the emergency department at Silver Cross where she worked as a nurse for nearly twenty years. They married in 1990 and gave birth to their triplets Matthew, Amy and Jay in 1995. 

From the initiation of the funeral home and ambulance service, a strong bond has grown with Silver Cross Hospital. Over the last 40 years, Kurtz Ambulance has offered unwavering support. The Kurtz-Silver Cross relationship, although built on business, is one of friendship and family. 

It is because of these past 40 years of business and friendship that the Kurtz and Vana family made a legacy gift to Silver Cross Hospital’s Emergency Department; an easy decision recognizing the foundation of the Kurtz-Silver Cross relationship. We have literally grown up together. “This gift is a gesture of our gratitude for the continued support and friendship we have with our Silver Cross family.”

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