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Outpatient Surgical Procedures

same-day-surgeryFor questions about your surgery at Silver Cross Hospital, call (815) 300-7891. Hundreds of surgeries, which once required a hospital stay, are now being done on an outpatient basis. The Procedural Care Unit at Silver Cross Hospital offers state-of-the-art surgical suites and equipment, resulting in shorter stays and less recuperation time for the patient.

It is important for you to understand what will take place when you come to Surgery Pre Post Recovery for your procedure. Following are some answers to any questions you may have concerning your outpatient experience.

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Anesthesia Evaluation (AE) Office
(815) 300-7891
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

IMPORTANT: Your surgery could be cancelled if you fail to comply with the following instructions:

STEP 1: One Week Before Surgery

  • If you are taking coumadin, aspirin or any blood thinning medications check with your surgeon/prescribing physician to confirm if these meds should be taken or discontinued prior to surgery.
  • Make sure that all medical, cardiac clearances, labs, and EKG were requested by your surgeon and are completed and sent to your surgeon’s office.
  • Stop use of NSAID’s (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn, Advil) celebrex, fish oil, 5-7 days before surgery.


STEP 2: 24 Hours Before Surgery

  • If there is any change in your scheduled surgery time a member of the Anesthesia Evaluation (AE) Team will contact you. Please check your voicemail.
  • If you develop a fever, cold or flu, notify your surgeon immediately to determine if your surgery needs to be rescheduled.


STEP 3: Midnight Before Surgery

  • No food
  • No beverages (plain water ONLY with medication)
  • No chewing gum, mints or candy
  • If on insulin check with your primary care provider for evening dosage
  • Nail polish is acceptable
  • No smoking
  • Do not apply skin lotions, powders
  • Shower or bath prior to your surgery


STEP 4: Take the following Medications the day of Surgery with a small sip of plain water

  • Blood pressure/heart medication
  • GERD (acid reflux) medication
  •  Pain medication
  • Thyroid medication
  • Anti-anxiety/seizure medication
  • Do not take insulin or any diabetes medication on the day of your procedure unless specifically instructed to do so by your physician. If morning glucose level is abnormally low or high call (815) 300-5993 to inform Silver Cross nursing staff and determine next steps.


STEP 5: Appropriate Attire

  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and shoes
  • Do not wear:
    • Contact lenses
    • Hair accessories
    • Any Jewelry (including wedding bands)
  • Remove all body piercings or replace with plastic body piercing retainers
  • Dentures may be required to be removed prior to surgery


STEP 6: What to Bring

  • Picture ID & insurance cards
  • Eyeglasses with case
  • Hearing aids with case
  • Prescribed inhalers
  • CPAP machine (for patients that regularly use to treat diagnosed sleep apnea)
  • Brace or immobilizer if provided by surgeon
  • Dentures may be required to be removed prior to surgery


STEP 7: Arriving at Silver Cross Hospital

  • Complimentary valet parking is available at the Main Hospital Entrance. Registration will take place on the second floor Procedural Care Unit Patient Waiting Area.
  • An anesthesiologist will explain his/her role and answer any questions you may have concerning your anesthesia.
  • Your surgeon will mark the surgical site and answer any questions prior to the procedure.
  • You will meet other members of the surgical team before going to the operating room.
  • The type of surgery and your response to anesthesia will determine the length of stay.
  • Your surgery may require hair clipping and/or CHG skin prep prior to surgery.


STEP 8: Going Home

  • You must have a driver who is at least 18 years old and will accept responsibility for your well-being. This person must be present prior to discharge to review all of your restrictions/instructions with your nurse. You will not be able to take a taxi/car service home without having a friend/family member accompany you.
  • For your safety, it is recommended that you have someone stay with you at home for 24 hours after surgery.
  • If staying overnight in the hospital, leave all valuables at home. Cellphone/laptop computers are acceptable, however we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.


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