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LifeSmart logSilver Cross Hospital and affiliated physicians are excited to partner with LifeSmart Senior Services, a resource for understanding and comparing your Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plan, or Medicare Advantage Insurance options. Now, you can compare local and national Medicare plans, verify Eligibility, get help enrolling in Medicare, and get matched with a caring, licensed agent completely FREE. Our LifeSmart agents have many years of experience with all major carriers.

There are more Medicare options available than ever before! You may schedule a one-on-one consultation at their office (1890 Silver Cross Blvd. Pavilion A, Suite 227), a one-on-one virtual appointment, request an appointment at your physician's office, or schedule a house call!

Finding the right plan requires careful consideration. Please consider the following during this Annual Enrollment time:

  • Identifying a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that covers your medications at the lowest cost.
  • Compare Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans to meet YOUR personal needs.
  • Choosing Medicare or staying on your spouse's group plan.
  • Turning 65 junk mail removal! Get help to make your best-informed choice.
  • Retirement and Medicare enrollment, find out the best timing and strategy.

Schedule an agent consultation with the dedicated agents with LifeSmart at Silver Cross Hospital by calling 844-543-3762.

Medicare 101 Virtual Seminars can be schedule here!

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