COVID-19 Informational Videos

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, Silver Cross Hospital President/Chief Executive Officer Ruth Colby has hosted a series of informational videos covering an array of topics related to COVID-19.

Service Ambassadors

COVID 19 Conversación con el Dr Silvio Morales

Information Technology at Silver Cross

Diagnostic Imaging at Silver Cross

Respiratory Therapy and COVID 19

Building Services and COVID-19

Why You Shouldn't Delay Medical Care

Case Management and COVID-19

Dr. Atul Gupta Interview with NBC 5 Chicago

Resolviendo tus dudas sobre el COVID-19/Resolving your doubts about COVID-19

New Chief Nursing Officer Micheal Mutterer

Pharmacy Services and COVID-19

Nutrition Services and COVID-19

EVS and COVID-19

Materials Management and COVID-19


Home Health and COVID-19

Infection Control and COVID-19

Patient Care and COVID-19

Town Hall with Ruth Colby, CEO of Silver Cross Hospital & Dr. Atul Gupta, Director of Infectious Disease

Therapy and COVID-19

COVID-19 Update April 21

Surgery and COVID-19

Nursing and COVID-19

Silver Cross Board and COVID-19

Intensive Care and COVID-19

EMS Response and COVID-19

Pregnancy and COVID-19

Command Center Update-Ruth Colby and Mary Bakken

COVID-19 Ruth Colby and Dr. Atul Gupta - March 21, 2020

March 20, 2020: COVID-19 Update with Ruth Colby and Dr. Atul Gupta

COVID-19 and Silver Cross Hospital

COVID-19: What is novel Coronavirus?

How COVID-19 Can Spread in a Community

COVID-19: What Older Adults Need to Know

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