Published on June 15, 2020

Lifestyle Changes Lead to Successful Weight Loss

Confident and Content, Shannon Dempsey was unbothered by her weight until it began to interfere with her health. As an employee at Silver Cross Hospital, success was at her fingertips, as she was able to seek the care of BMI Surgery, conveniently found right across campus from Shannon’s office.

Breaking the Traditions of Food
Shannon shares that before surgery, she had a happy family life with a loving husband and young adult children. As with most people, food was a source of comfort to Shannon.

Weight loss picture of woman before and after“I grew up with Irish traditions which included spuds at every meal. I always carried some extra weight, but it never bothered me. However, as I approached my forties with a sedentary desk job and the usual life stress, my weight started to become a concern,” Shannon explained.

Her symptoms worsened with pain in her knee and foot, accompanied by blood pressure that was on the border of requiring intervention with medication.

“When the scale hit 265 pounds, I decided that I wanted to lose weight. I researched options and attended the educational weight loss surgery program at Silver Cross, made my decision to have a gastric sleeve procedure and never looked back,” she said.

Experience with BMI Surgery
Shannon thought the program offered by BMI Surgery was fantastic. Dr. Christopher Joyce, founder of the bariatric surgery program at Silver Cross and co-founder of BMI Surgery and specialist in weight loss, and minimally invasive surgery, performed Shannon’s gastric sleeve procedure.

“Dr. Joyce explained every clinical detail, risk, hurdle, barrier and every option ahead of me. He just radiated knowledge, confidence, and support. I knew I was in good hands,” beams Shannon.

Post-Surgical Revival
After the surgery, Shannon had renewed commitment and was even more motivated and enthusiastic about replacing poor lifestyle habits. She went to the gym four to six times a week, not only to focus on weight training to battle extra skin, but to reduce stress as she suffered the emotional loss of her dad and uncle during her post-operative period. Shannon credits not only her weight loss journey, but her family with enabling her to cope with the grief she endured and was able to avoid getting back into her bad habits.

“My husband and daughter actually cook the meals in our family. As a result, each of them has also lost weight and improved their own weight related health issues.”

As for her continued support from not just BMI Surgery but Dr. Joyce, Shannon says, “I’m always proud to bump into Dr. Joyce in the hallways, because he is just as interested and enthusiastic about my weight loss as I am!”

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