Published on July 14, 2020

Weight Loss Surgery Leads to Life Change and Unexpected Humor for Bourbonnais Mom

After struggling with her weight since childhood, busy mom and wife, Jill Staley decided to reclaim her life and have gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Brian Lahmann, M.D., F.A.C.S., of BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital.

“I tried everything from yo-yo diets to well-known diet plans and nothing worked. I felt tired and sluggish all the time and had no energy to do the things I wanted like ride bikes or go for walks with my family and our dog,” Jill recalls. “I knew in order to get my life back on track, I needed more help than what I was doing on my own.”

A Friend’s Weight Loss Success Convinces Jill “It’s Time”

As a Silver Cross Hospital employee, Jill heard about the weight loss program offered by BMI and decided to see what it was all about. “I started working at Silver Cross in 2015 and soon after, saw an ad for the free weight loss informational session. I went, but I just was not ready to commit and decided to continue to try on my own. Fast forward to 2019 and I was still struggling to lose weight. A friend of mine had the gastric sleeve procedure with great success, so talking to her about what her journey was like and seeing how much she achieved, convinced me it was time to go back and really give it everything I’ve got.”

Feeling Supported and Informed Before and After Surgery

Jill recounts that she had an exceptional experience with not only Dr. Lahmann, but also the staff at BMI and her care team at Silver Cross Hospital who supported her recovery. “Dr. Lahmann made me feel instantly comfortable at my first appointment. He answered every question, calmed my fears and helped me feel confident in the life changing decision that I was making. Not only is he a phenomenal doctor, he is so funny!” After having the procedure at Silver Cross, Jill recalls the kindness of the nurses and care team who tended to her. “The key to recovery after this surgery is getting up and walking. The nurses were so supportive when I needed help. They were gentle and I felt they really cared about me and my recovery!”

Renewed Health with a Side of Humor

It goes without question that having less weight on your body can drastically improve chronic health conditions for those who are overweight. Having previously suffered with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, back and joint pain, Jill can now proudly proclaim that since her surgery, she is no longer a diabetic, her high blood pressure is gone and she’s virtually pain free! “My life now is completely different. I work out with my family and I do monthly plank and water challenges. Prior to surgery, I had never done a plank and now I do them every day!” The added energy she has now allows Jill to create new experiences from otherwise routine tasks with her family, doing yard work, going for walks, and even shopping. “Shopping is a funny experience now as my family sometimes has a hard time finding me in stores! I see them looking for me when I am basically right in front of them. They are getting used to the new “me,” also!”

Grateful for the Journey

“If I could say anything to someone considering this surgery, I’d encourage them to go to the free meeting. You might be like me back in 2015 and realize you are not ready. Or you might be ready now for the life change like I was in 2019. This has not been just a physical transformation; it is an emotional journey as well!” Though she credits the doctor and care team for her surgical success, Jill says she could not have done this without help from home. “I will be forever grateful to my husband and two boys for being so supportive during this entire process. Even when I struggled, they reminded me what a great job I was doing.”

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Before surgery, in 2018 After, in 2020

Jill Pre OpJill Post Op Solo

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